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Oyako Donburi

Yesterday a miracle occurred. I rummaged through my fridge and found all the ingredients to make a complete meal!

Usually when I feel like cooking I will announce to my family in grand fashion, “TONIGHT… WE SHALL DINE ON…. (Insert meal here)” and then I’ll go look at my pantry, my fridge, my freezer and I’ll be missing one crucial ingredient. I’ll just so happen to have used up my last bottle of mirin. Or I’ll just so happen to have bought that hamburger in the freezer a bit too long ago. Burgers for dinner! Oh, too bad I forgot we don’t have bread.

At which point we usually end up eating at Zippy’s or Panda. Eventually I gave up cooking on the weekends, beaten into submission by my own inadequate kitchen stocking skills. Further miracles occurred when my bratty children actually ate all their food. On the other rare occasions that I cook dinner, they’ll drop their spoons and say, “I don’t like this, Mommy.” or “I’m not hungry. Can I have my dessert?” Baby Girl actually ate it all and asked me to make that for dinner every night. I forgot to look outside to see if pigs were flying. They probably weren’t because of the rain, but that would have been fun to see anyway.

I made this rather quickly this morning, going outside to pick a couple of my baby thin green onions from a flowerpot to cut into little spreckles. I added a bit of broccoli which I cooked in a Pyrex and then put an ume on my rice.

Anyway, I’d write more, but I have to head off to dinner. We’re eating at Curry House then heading to the men’s basketball game to help support the ‘Bows. More tomorrow hopefully!