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Shaped Spam Musubi Bento (290)

All right. It’s time to panic. I’m only nine bentos away from #300 and I still don’t know what I’m going to do for it yet. Any requests? Ideas? I’ve been drawing a blank.

This is a bento I made for Baby Girl yesterday. Oahu weatherpersons caused a frenzied panic over “high winds” that would be dramatically wreaking havoc across the islands. Schools were closed. The University shut down all campuses and told all “non-essential” workers to stay home. (which included me, yay) Everyone was like, “Eh, what da heck is going on?” I mean, there was no mention of a hurricane or even a tropical storm. When Friday finally rolled around the sun was out at my house and I was like, “Uh…”

So anyway, we were at home until I had to go pick up my mom from the airport. I’d been thinking about doing this for a couple of days and was pretty happy with the results, though the nori straps didn’t quite work out how I’d imagined it.

Shaped Spam Musubi Bento

I had planned on making two for the kids, but Buddy fell asleep on the couch just before I started, so I ended up just making one for a photo. He ate regular spam and furikake rice for lunch when he woke up later. I took photos on how to make these.

I actually opened two cans of Spam for this because the first can I opened I accidentally began slicing in the normal way, which ended up being too narrow for cutting the shapes. Habit, I guess. I put the first can in a bag in the fridge to use for breakfast. The second can I opened I cut the correct way, which is the “long” way. I chopped up the excess spam and used it to make some of the same instant yakisoba I posted about the other day.

I had to pick an onigiri mold that had thin sides so that it could double as both a cutter and a mold. You can see the molds in a photo below. Next, I began simmering the spam shapes in sato shoyu sauce.

This sauce is made from equal parts soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. When I’m feeling cheap, I use water instead of mirin. The taste doesn’t differ all that much in my opinion. I usually start the heat on medium and once it comes to a light boil I reduce the heat to low and just let it simmer until the spam begins to turn a darker color. Don’t let it cook for too long or you’ll end up with some overly dark and overly seasoned spam.

Next, I made the onigiri from the molds.

If you read my blog regularly, you might notice this is the same mold I use to make my Star Krispies Treats. ^_^ Once I had the onigiris shaped, I sprinkled some Nori Komi Furikake on it. In my opinion, Nori Komi and Aji Nori are the best ones for spam musubi.

Next, I put the spam shapes on top. I cut 1/2″ strips of nori, folded them in half length wise, and strapped them onto the flower and star in the dip areas of the shape. I had originally thought to only use one strap, but it looked a little goofy, so I added one more.

Shaped Spam Musubi Bento

I lined the box with lettuce, which Baby Girl keep screeching about until I told her I’d eat it for her. I put a bit of the yakisoba in underneath the musubis then added pink sushi grass and flower apples. Since she was eating it right then, I didn’t dip them in lemon juice.

I was very unhappy with the way the photos turned out. Usually I have a lot of time to fiddle with the white balance and color mode, but Baby Girl kept complaining that I was taking too long, so I had to snap what I could and try my best to fix it up in Photoshop, but that proved to be rather difficult. Usually I can fix things up pretty nicely. See my little tutorial on the forums to find out a little about how I do that.

I’ve updated the recipes page to include a recipe for something I blogged about a long time ago. I’m slowly working on putting things in here and I’ll post whenever I add something so people can check it out.

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  • val

    I love all your bentos. But supplies are hard to find in Hawaii.

  • Nice bento. Have you tried putting cut apples into salt and water? I don’t know why it works, but it keeps the apples from tunring longer, and there’s no acidic bitterness that you get from lemon juice. I never have lemons on have — but salt is plentiful.

    I read about this on a bento blogger’s site — but can’t remember which.

  • i do not cook, do not make bentos and do not have a food blog.
    however, i read your blog everyday, when you do post everyday and have been doing so for the last three months.
    do you mind if i put you on my blogroll?
    p.s. if i ever do take up cooking, it will because of the awesome work you have been doing.

  • Wow, thanks for such a cool comment! Of course I don’t mind if you put me in your blogroll! ^_^

  • Shelly

    There was a high wind warning (possibility of sustained winds of 40, gusts of 58). It was forecasted to be worse than the Dec. 10th storm.
    Anyway, the spam musubi are cute. Have you ever tried with the brown sushi rice?

  • @LizAndrsn – I use lime juice and water and then blot on a papertowel. It leaves hardly any taste at all and keeps apples/pears/avocados from browning.

    @Pikko – hehe, the nori straps just look so leather/S&M to me…. I dunno, I’m weird I guess. Kinky themed bento challenge anyone?

  • Thanks for the mini tutorial xD~

    I’ll try to make these this weekend X3

  • Janfrederick

    300? Hmmm…..wasn’t there a movie a recently called 300? Didn’t it take place in “Turkey”? 😉

  • @Janfrederick – I know, I know, 300… The thought did cross my mind, but then I thought that it’d be too bloody.

    @Violarulz – HAHA! They do look a bit kinky. I’ll be sure to whip my spam musubis before I eat them next time.

  • Cute spam musubi! I’ve never thought about cutting spam any other way than in the rectangles! I’ve got to try this.