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Emoji Onigiri Bento (335)

After coming down with a vicious head cold on Thursday, I’m hopefully back on track. I’m still honking like a goose, but at least I can sometimes breathe through my nostrils. I’ve been having the worst time sleeping with this congestion and meds I take didn’t seem to help. I bought a Vapo-Rub stick too, but that only worked for about half an hour. I was pretty miserable, but still not miserable enough to try the ginger tea that my co-worker suggested. Ugh!

Emoji Onigiri Bento

Today I am doing another product review for From Japan with Love, this time it’s for a really awesome Emoji nori punch. The punch is awesome because it’s got several things my other punches don’t offer, namely asterisk shapes, a slightly slanted mouth shape, and an A-OK sign. All of these and more are offered on ONE punch, which makes a bentoers nori-punching life oh so easy.

Emoji is the word that the Japanese use for emoticons. With the characters ( ) * . | ^ b you can make tons of different cute nori faces that you’d usually see on the computer. Some examples include:

(^_^)   (*^.^*)   (^.^)b   ^_*   d(*_*)b  *o*   ^o^

Emoji Punch

The possibilities are pretty endless. I was able to use the parentheses as eyebrows and a mouth at the same time. The circles are large, so they can double as a shocked mouth or eyes. The ^ make for great “smiling eyes”. The asterisks make good confused eyes or cheek blush, too. The punch is thankfully made out of metal. I’ve found plastic punches to be so frustrating that I want to punch the punch in the face. The little green tab in the front doesn’t appear to do anything. I have no idea what it’s for.

The bottom of the punch has a unique feature I’ve never seen in a nori punch. It’s got a little cap on the bottom to catch the nori pieces as you punch! When you’re ready to take them out, simply pop open the lid and your nori pieces will be neatly stored inside. I’m a big fan of this little feature.

Being a pro at throwing nori punch tantrums, I automatically tri-fold my nori sheets before punching to ensure cleaner cuts. Even with this method I still get some pretty antagonizing results. Thankfully, this punch came through really nicely on the first cut and I breathed a sigh of relief.

For the bento, I made three little triangle onigiri and put it in the box on top of the lettuce. It was a bit hard to find the right arrangement for them as I was really sleepy this morning, having taken a whopping 2 tablespoons of Tylenol Cold last night, which ended up keeping me awake for an hour for some reason. Anyway, after that I layered in pieces of leftover tonkatsu and put a little sauce bottle with Ikari sauce inside. In the next door section I added cantaloupe flowers and a lady apple, placed upside down for the red color on the bottom.

Emoji Onigiri

To embellish I added some pieces of parsley to fill the gaps. I waited until I was just about to take the picture to add the nori pieces with a tweezer since I didn’t want them to wilt on the onigiri. I ended up with one grouchy onigiri, one pleasantly surprised onigiri, and one simple happy onigiri. Don’t they look cute!? 😀

Over the last week I’ve been agonizing over whether to get the Nikon D40or the Nikon D60and though I already decided on the D40, now I’m second guessing myself and thinking again about the D60. I just can’t make up my mind. 🙁 Still, I’m excited! It will be my first DSLR.

The other day, Mr. Pikko asked me if I’d heard Baby Girl sing Buddy Holly. I had heard her do it in the car, but couldn’t hear exactly what she was saying because she was in the back, but after he mentioned it, I asked her to sing in the house. Her lyrics are freaking hilarious.

Wee oo I look just like Buddy Holly,
Oh, oh and you’re mamee tie bo mo,
I don’t care what you say about a sting ray,
I don’t care about that!

LOLOLOL! To give an update on Buddy, he’s his usual manipulative, cute, toddler self. He’ll do something naughty, like scribble black crayon all over our couch, but then out of nowhere will say, “I love you Mommy.” That love is like a light switch. This morning when I told him he couldn’t take the ball he won at Fun Factory to school, he told me he “doesn’t like” me and that I’m “uga-lee”.


But he loves me. 😉

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  • Watari Goro

    Chou kawaii!

  • Samantha

    Of course Buddy loves you! A Mom is always the center of the child’s world!

    The onigiris are so cute! I imagine one day I’ll make onigiri, but I probably won’t fill it with anything traditional. I’m kind of picky, so there’s a chance I’d use barbecued chicken or something like that. I’m not sure if that’s strange or not, but it sounds kinda yummy to me.

  • Okwes

    I’m new at bento making, so pardon me for asking, but…would scrapbooking punches work? can’t find neat things here on the East coast without going into the city and paying out the nose!

  • Hi there,

    You are my inspiration!!! A lot of people make bento that doesn’t go well! But yours always do! It’s pretty and edible and I’m so envy of your kid!

    I’m new at this but I intend to try and make some nice ones whenever time permits!

    Great job!


  • how do you find the patience! I find 6x of every cute thing I try is too labor intensive 🙂 I love your cute creations, I aspire towards them!

  • @Okwes Nori punches are basically just scrapbooking paper punches, so there’s no difference really! (except the plastic ones, I doubt those can cut paper)

    @Sharon Thanks! Btw, the lunches are for me. 🙂 My kids have lunch included in preschool tuition, so I won’t be making for the kids until kindergarten.

    @Ironjack Thanks for the nice comment! 😀

  • Aimee S.

    Great job girl! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Been wondering why you haven’t posted. Always found that cold meds don’t really help anyway…you just gotta let it run it’s course! I finally got m first shipment from Ichiban Kan and went to the craft store and found a lot of little Bento friendly thingys. My hubby (who I make them for) even got in on the action last night and made a rose out of a grape tomato to put in his lunch today!! It’s infectious! BTW…it’s LOST Wednesday! Yippee!!!!

  • I’ve been wanting this since I first saw it on eBay. It’s so cool! I wonder what the shipping costs are on that site where you bought it? That was the reason why I don’t have one already, the guy on eBay wanted $30!!! to ship it to Europe T_T

    Oh and I hope you’re better now. Nasty time of the year to catch a cold, they tend to stick!

  • Be careful with the word ugly! My BFF’s son calls her “ug-a-lee mommy” instead of mommy and can’t get him to stop!

    Love those little onigiri! When I make them for work I usually stick those punch out die cuts from the marukai on them cause its easy, but maybe next time I’ll put faces on them. 🙂

  • I love the Onigiri! They look so cute!