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The Unnamed Bento and Turning 30

Today marks my (ugh) 3rd decade on Earth and unfortunately, I don’t have a LOST bento to show for it. I tried, but the lack of quality sleep from this cold made me switch night time duties with Mr. Pikko and I konked out putting the kids to sleep last night, which was supposed to be time spent cutting nori for a face in today’s lunch. It turned out all the photos I could find were way too dark anyway, so hopefully tonight’s episode will produce some clearer images for me to use in what I planned.

I’ve decided to name this the Unnamed Bento because the source of the food isn’t exactly the most cheerful. Last night while I picked up the kids, Mr. Pikko went to a funeral. Usually after funerals here there’s a lot of Japanese okazuya-like food to be eaten after. Since it’s like some vile sin to run out of food, there is always some to take home and he brought back some sushi, roast pork, noodles, and andagi. I mean, what else can I call it? Funeral Bento? Afterlife Bento? So not good, so Unnamed it is.

On the right side I put in three slices of maki sushi. Next to that is some pork chow mein and then some slices of roast pork, which was REALLY good. The tomatoes were tucked in for color and to round out the salad I’d be making from the lettuce garnish. Overall a very tasty bento and it took less than 10 minutes to make.

I thought about posting that I was quitting blogging as a joke, but then figured no one would believe it. Ha!

I’d been thinking about going skydiving for turing the big 3-0, but then I looked at the prices and thought, man, that’s like half a DSLR. If I go with Mr. Pikko, that’s a whole DSLR! So the end result is that some tandem instructor doesn’t get peed on and I end up with a spiffy new camera to play with. I’ll have to hang it from the ceiling or something though, so that Buddy doesn’t get a hold of it. He’s a big fan of smudging lenses. ; ;

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  • Katie F.

    How about a “heavenly” bento?

  • Katie F.

    …oh, and Happy 30th, I’ll be there shortly myself ^_^

  • Aimee S.

    Ok, first…who died? Gotta know. Second…I like the Heavenly Bento idea. Third.. Happy Birthday girl! As I stated earlier today…it’s LOST day…so find solace in that. BTW….you are too funny. You make me smile. ; )

  • Happy Birthday! Another lovely bento as usual. 🙂

  • Aunty C

    Happy Birthday! Hope you get over the cold very soon – your cousin J had one, too, when she was home last week.


    wait, you’re only 30? I’m almost 30 myself, and reading your blog, I feel very underachieved ! So many bentos and 2 kids, wow, I’m impressed. Continue like this for years !!!

  • Tia

    Happy 30th!

    30’s give you time to reflect on the follies of your 20’s & the determination to do better in your 40’s 🙂


    Hope the kids get you something great. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!!

    Your 30’s will be great. And if my Mom is any judge, your 40’s will rock and your 50’s will kick buttock! I was so blown away over getting divorced I was 31 before I realized I was supposed to be having 30’s trauma and decided it was too much trouble.

    You know, in the non-Bento world we call that “Leftovers”. *grin*

  • happy birthday Pikko! 🙂 hope you have a wonderful year and that you’re feeling 100% again soon!

  • Yeah but I’ve had like two bentos already called Leftovers Bentos or something like that. Must have new name!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

  • Happy Birthday, hope it was wonderful.

  • Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Samantha

    Happy birthday, Pikko! I’d totally go for the camera rather than a sky diving thing. I’m too scared to do that. :p

    Oh, and I’m sorry for Mr. Pikko’s loss. 🙁 Funerals are never fun.

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  • First of all, HAPPY 30th!!!!!
    Next, I have to admit that I actually did not stay up to watch Lost because…you didn’t make a Lost bento for wednesday, and therefore I figured I must be wrong and it must be a re-run! ROFL.
    So sorry to hear you were sick.
    Luckily Lost is always in the dvr queue so I just watched it the next night.