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Goodbye, My Baby (Lost Bento 6)

This is a bit late, but better than none at all, right? For my Lost themed bento #6, I decided to pull from this week’s episode which had me crying like a little wussy girl, just like when I cried as Sun visited the cemetary and when Desmond talked on the phone on the boat. This week’s episode ranked way up there for me, but still hasn’t managed to knock “The Constant” out of the number one spot.

Lost Bento 6

The kid doesn’t look as cute as I had hoped because instead of doing this last night like I should have, I ended up just snoozing and rushing this morning. Getting rest was pretty fun, but stupid too, since my first bento class is tomorrow and I still haven’t done any of the supplemental paperwork for it. Good job, me!

After the bentorial, people who don’t want Lost spoilers should probably stop reading as I’m going to start making references that will give things away.

Lost Bentorial

I’ve done everything up to the embellishing in the bentorial, which I’ll cover with another photo. I made this fried rice with a flavor packet. You fry an egg, scrambling it up with a spatula, then add the rice, mix it up with the egg, then add the flavor packet and mix more. Takes less than five minutes, I love it. Anyway, dump it into the box and then push it over to the side to firm up the bed.

To make the egg comforter, I beat an egg (obviously not well enough since you can see little white splotches) and added soy sauce to make it brown. I cut one end a bit to keep it straight, then folded it over to make it look more like a blanket. I fried an egg white and rolled it up and cut off the ends for the pillow. Both omelets came out crappy, but I wasn’t in the mood for multiple egg attempts. I added both to the fried rice bed and then added a leaf of lettuce to the other side to hold the meat, veggies, and fruit.

If you’re wondering why I use these meatballs so much it’s because I bought this at Costco and my kids think they’re too spicy, so I’m left with a gigantic bag of these in the freezer. Thankfully, I’m down to about a dozen more meatballs. I added three as well as three strawberries. My asparagus bunch was pretty gross, but I found three stalks that still looked pristine and nuked them for about 20 seconds before slicing them up and tucking them in. It was lacking some color so I added two small orange slices.

Goodbye My Baby Bento

To finish up, I added the little boy and the nori letters. He’s got a cheese shirt too, but it didn’t look right, so I kinda tucked it way under the blanket to hide the funny way the sleeves stuck out. I couldn’t find my cute smile punch, so I had to cut out my own sleeping eyes and they look rather weird but oh well. At least I got his hair to look like a boy’s hair! His face and arms are made out of ham while his hair is made of cheese. I used the leftover cheese and ham to make a pretty rockin’ ham and cheese toast, which the kids liked so much they’ve requested it for breakfast tomorrow.

The font I used for the words is Angelina and it was a serious pain in the ass to cut these out. My Micro-Tip Scissorscame in really handy for this and I don’t think I could have done this successfully if I had used the little $2 pair of hobby scissors I also have. The “micro-tip” is what made this possible.

Anyway, if you haven’t guessed by now, this is little Aaron and the bento represents the ending scene when Kate is saying goodbye to him before she leaves to go back to the island to find his real mother, Claire. I’d been getting pretty annoyed with her with the way she acted towards Locke and the way she treats some other people like she’s little Miss Perfect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a Kate episode anyway because hers are usually really good. I cracked up laughing when she was in the grocery store with Aaron and he changes from milk to juice in a heartbeat.

“I thought you wanted milk!?!”
“No I wan jooce.”

Oh, Kate. I’ve so been there. LOL!

Speaking of the kids, this morning they were waiting at the door for Mr. Pikko to load them in the car and fighting over who got to go first. When Buddy got to go first, he taunted her with an over-Daddy’s-shoulder “I got fiiirrrrst!” which made her start bawling. After putting him in the car, scolding him, and bringing her to the car, he asked Buddy (who was now pouting), “What do you say?”

He thinks for a bit before sticking his tongue out and going, “Ppptttttbbbtt!” I had to try really hard not to laugh. When instructed to say sorry, he barked, “Sorry!” and added another razz. -_-

As I mentioned, my first bento class is tomorrow. I have to plan out my two lunches tonight and work on my syllabus and shopping guide. Eeps! I’m nervous, wish me luck!