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A Four-Toed Rice Statue (Lost Bento 7)

As is usual with bentos I don’t plan too well ahead of time, this didn’t come out quite how I’d imagined. Credit for the idea has to go to Robby, who suggested this to me the other day. Before we get to that though, let’s get to the good stuff:

Lily Autograph

Ohhh yes, this is my I <3 My Freckles bento autographed by Evangeline Lilly and the autographed photo that she sent to Aunty C for doing this for me. This means three Lost cast autographs I’ve got now. I just need a picture with someone now and my collection will be even better!

It should be said that this could have turned out a lot better, but I was so excited about Fringe coming back last night that we watched it and I decided to just try doing it in the morning, since it was already midnight. It’s certainly no fancy pants yellow shirt, but hopefully it resembles the statue enough to make you guys laugh.

Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? It’s okay. That’s just how it goes sometimes with Lost. You get lost trying to remember everything that pops up on the show that makes you go, “Wuuuut?”

Foot Statue

I can’t 100% remember exactly what season this weird ass thing popped up in, but I believe it was in the Season 2 finale when Jin, Sayid, and Sun are sailing around the island on Desmond’s boat just before the hatch blew after Locke stupided up the whole special 108 minutes setup they had going.

Anyway, they’re sailing along and then suddenly it’s like WHAT THE HELL IS THAT and they look and there’s that bigass foot with four toes. You know, the foot of the full sized statue they showed a few weeks ago.

Four Toed Rice Statue

I used 22 hour old rice, so my soy sauce didn’t exactly spread around the rice all that evenly and the foot has two white toes. I think if I’d used fresh rice it would have turned out a lot better. I thought about putting the strap on too, but got lazy. Don’t worry, I didn’t bring it to work like this.

Four Toed Rice Statue

I stuck it into the bottom of a new bento box I got after stalking bento shelves at Don Quijote. Obviously I had to mash it down to close it, but at least I got a decent picture in. This is probably the weirdest bento I’ve ever made, period.

Don’t worry, I’m not going crazy and eating a rice foot and broccoli for lunch. There’s a top layer that holds some curry and I have two curry croquettes in another side box that wouldn’t fit. J-List sells a similar donburi box.


I was going to put some carrot letters that said LOST, but looked in the fridge to find out I had no regular carrots, only baby carrots. *mumble grumble*

My Nikon D40 Digital SLR Camera will arrive today. Amazon called my in-laws’ house to make sure someone would be home to sign for the package. I’m so excited!! I’m also kinda pissed that two days after I bought it, Mr. Pikko found a better deal for the package with two lenses somewhere else. That kinda crap always happens to me. *sigh*

Happy Lost watching tonight! By the way, did any of you notice Fringe’s The Observer sitting in the American Idol audience last night? I freaked out and Mr. Pikko thought I was nuts, cause he doesn’t remember who that guy is.