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LOST at Sunset on the Beach

I’d heard through the LOST extra grapevine that the set of extras I worked with wouldn’t be seen in the first hour, which is what they showed at Sunset on the Beach. However, I did see a bunch of extras in the first hour in scenes that I missed out on due to not carrying my phone. The obvious conclusion is that I SUCK AT LIFE sometimes.


Here’s me on the beach with one of the musubis. I gave one to one of my extra friends Janice. Or is it “friend who was an extra”? “Extra friend” sounds so weird, like I have too many. Anyway, I found out later that she never ate it. She says it was too cool to eat and she’s going to keep it until one day she has a craving for musubi (and food poisoning).

My family, on the other hand, had no problems eating theirs. To them, it was just blue spam musubi that their wacko mommy made. I let Baby Girl and Buddy share one before we left and the two of them had some strange shenanigans going on. I heard her yelling, “NOW IT ONLY SAYS LOS!!!” Then the two of them erupted in toddler snort laughing.

Okay then.


Here’s my brother holding one. I owe this guy big time for camping a spot for us from 2 pm. He made me take this picture after the really embarrassing one I took of him.

I love him, but I also can’t resist posting hilarious pictures of him.

This would have been epic if I’d gotten one of the kids to make a “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” face on the side.


This is a shot from the beach right behind the area they showed the premiere. It had been raining all day and the previous night, so the sky actually cleared up really nicely. I was so freaked out that we were going to be watching in the rain again.

Please note that all of these photos were taken by me and should not be used without my permission or without giving credit to Crystal Watanabe. Photos were taken with a Sigma 70-300mm Macro Motorized Telephoto Zoom Lens.

This is from the sidewalk, with one of the signs hanging between two coconut trees. The tents to the left were food vendors and then further down was a tent where reps from ABC were giving out surveys they wanted us to fill out for a free t-shirt after the episode. The t-shirt ended up being an all white shirt with the LOST letters from the ending of Season 5 after Juliet does her thing. Underneath, it says “The Final Season”. Pretty cool!

This is the front area for VIP seating. The stars actually came from behind and to the left and then walked around to the far side of the screen.

The kids were playing on the beach while we waited and I wrote in the sand with my feet. I’m not so good at it and need practice. Or smaller toes.

We went back to sit down and I got hungry and started to eat a musubi. OM NOM NOM!

I was trying to take Baby Girl to the bathroom when the first limo pulled up. Turns out it held Michael Emerson and his wife, Carrie Preston, who True Blood fans know as Arlene.

Me and Baby Girl went to the bathroom, but it was so stink she refused to go in. We headed back to the walk-in area. Here he’s joking about retiring and becoming his wife’s personal assistant. I thought they looked really cute in the almost matching attire.

I just had to take a photo of this. We’d been passing this by a couple of times and I figured that they couldn’t possibly be arriving soon since they hadn’t even laid out the red carpet on top of this stuff. Turns out, they didn’t have one. This is the “red carpet” when you have a premiere on the beach. LOL!

We kept hearing screams, but no one materialized for a long time. Finally, Daniel Dae Kim got closer and we all found out he’d been signing autographs and taking pictures for like 15 minutes going down the line. If I’d just thought to bring paper and stood a little further up… Grr!

I have to admit, he’s got really nice hair!

Naveen Andrews came next. There were two blonde girls on the side of me with wild yellow bushes on their heads and I was going crazy because I kept getting yellow fuzz on the side of my pictures. *angry* I cropped it out.

Nestor Carbonell and Jeff Fahey were right behind him. Some guy in the back yelled, “WHY DON’T YOU AGE?!” That was awesome!

I know someone who has a big crush on Richard, so here’s a good picture of him.

Jorge Garcia came by next. Someone gave him a lei and it got stuck on his ponytail, which was pretty cute. Some lady kept giving her baby to the stars and he kept making sad faces like, “Why does Mommy keep giving me to these strange men?! I don’t want to go to the island!”

The really strange part was he kind of looked like Aaron, but you know that kid is like 2 or 3 by now, so this wasn’t him.

I was shocked to see that Harold Perrineau had come, but was thrilled as well. My very first website was dedicated to Romeo+Juliet, so seeing Mercutio there in front of me was surreal. In another universe where I have balls the size of Texas, I’d have yelled, “A PLAGUE O BOTH YOUR HOUSES!!!!!”

This is the director, Jack Bender, doing some weird thing with his tongue. I had two pictures of him and he was doing this in both of them. I got to watch him work while I was an extra, so that’s why I know who he is. Otherwise, I’d have totally been like, “Who’s he?”

Next came Carlton Cuse. Sorry this one is blurry. I didn’t see Damon Lindeloff.

Henry Ian Cusick came by after. Hoo hoo hoo! Hands down one of my favorite hotties from the show.

He’s signing autographs here. They took a ton of pics with people, so jealous! Holding a bigass Nikon is not the best idea if you want to do this and I couldn’t find my point and shoot. I was standing in the wrong place anyway, though. Bah!

Sadly, I didn’t get anything good of Evangeline Lily, Terry O’Quinn, Matthew Fox, or Josh Holloway. They began ushering them away to the press tent after the stars started taking too long to make it down the way. Damned autograph hogs!!

Big thanks go out to my daughter, for patiently playing in the sand at my feet for the first half an hour, then for not-so-patiently playing in the sand at my feet for the next half hour. She’s a trooper for sure. And I have no concept of what “five more minutes” is.

Here’s the whole cast on stage.

Here’s the screen just after the opening. They showed previews for FlashForward and V, then played this video:

It was a hilarious and informative recap, which will be awesome for those of you that haven’t seen LOST or don’t remember most of last season. After that, there was “Previously on LOST…” and then it started. I should also note that the emotional scene from last season’s ending was played FOUR times. Holy overkill. I don’t think I’ll be crying over that again anytime soon. Instead I’ll be whacking my tv with a rock saying, “Come on, you son of a bitch, just get on with the premiere already!”

Buddy and Baby Girl were surprisingly good. Here he is eating a musubi. I’d brought an arsenal with me. A bag of pretzel sticks, marshmallows, Ritz crackers, granola bars, Hawaiian Sun juice cans, water, etc., all in the name of kid silence. It worked really well. The first “Moooom, I wanna go hooome already…” came only 5 minutes before the show ended. Whew!!

The first hour ended right where anything I helped with was about to start, so I don’t know if I’m in it yet. You all will find out before me, which is kind of a sore spot. I’ll take a picture of the shirt I wore so you can try to find me.

If you want to see the full set of my LOST Sunset on the Beach Premiere photos, please go to my Flickr photostream.