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Win a Zojirushi Mr. Bento!

Fuji Mama won the Zojirushi Ms. Bentoand now you all have a chance to win the big daddy of Zojirushi’s thermal lunch jar line, the Mr. Bento! With four different compartments, a matching fork, and a convenient carrying bag, the Zojirushi Mr. Bento is the ultimate portable meal carrier.

To enter, go to the Adventures in Bentomaking forums and fill out my little 10 question survey. Once you’ve done this, you qualify to enter the drawing once per day until the end of the drawing on May 31st, 2009. Forum posts that contribute in a positive way to the forum community will be counted as an entry in the drawing. Each day I will post the valid entries and in the first week of June, I will randomly draw a winner.

I hope to see lots of entries! Good luck everyone!

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  • That does sound a lot more involved. But yay for growing the forum (and bento!) community. =)

  • Yay, now I have another reason to post on the forum every day!

    Love the way you activate people to do more then just put food in a box, you get everyone thinking about their food!

  • Hi! I really love your blog, especially your Lost-themed Bentos!!! Bentos have arrived in France, where I live, and I have become a real bentoholic…
    Keep posting, you’re fabulous!

  • Amy

    Hi! I love bento-ing, and I’m glad that you have so many different ones here. The more bentos, the less landfill, so up with bentos!

  • sanctity

    Hi! I registered so I could fill out the poll and look around, but it’s telling me that my name’s not registered. When I try to register again, it tells me the name’s already taken. If I use the link in the email, WP lets me in but when I return to sign into the forum, I get the same old deal. Please help! >< The information is the same as that for this comment.