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Spring Bento Contest Winner

I’m still cursed with mentioning my bento video because although I had the perfect opportunity to do it last night with the kids being kept at the in-laws so that Mr. Pikko could get a good night’s rest, I ended up getting a minor case of food poisoning or something. We’d been to Chuck E Cheese’s for my niece’s birthday party and I think the food combined with some weird stomach pain I’d been having all day caused me to get ill. When we got home I got pretty sick and so the video was out, especially since it was looking like I wasn’t going to be doing any eating today anyway.

This morning I worked on logging down all the great entries I got for my Spring Bento Contest and in the end (after weeding out some duplicates) I ended up accepting 122 entries. And so without further ado, the winner is….

Spring Bento Winner

Entry #117, Lynnie:)! It’s kind of funny that Lynnie ended up winning as she gave a very enthusiastic entry that made me smile. I think if this were a radio contest, she’d be one of those screaming-into-the-phone winners vs. the “Oh. Nice.” kind of winner. She picked what turned out to be, by far, the most popular theme: flowers. A ton of you suggested a flower theme, which means you all can’t wait to get some color back into your life.

Congratulations, Lynnie!