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Furikake Frenzy Winners

I don’t have a bento today because we’re having our monthly potluck luncheon here at the office. In the meantime, I’ve picked my Furikake Frenzy winners! Woohoo!

Since I only had 11 entries, I just did this manually by writing the numbers 1-11 on pieces of paper, folding them up, and picking my two winners. My first place winner of the Anpanman Furikake bottle (which my nephew LOVES) is Entry #08 by coppelia. My second place winner of the 20 packs of assorted furikake is Entry #05 by arkonitebabe.

Thanks to everyone who participated, stay tuned for more giveaways and contests this month!

Lost spoilers under the cut…I know some people were disappointed with last night’s episode, but I loved it. Josh Holloway is so great at doing that confused and pained look, the one that says, “I’m supposed to be a badass, so why do I feel like crying?” or “I sure do love that Juliet but once Freckles comes back, uh…” Their scenes from last week sure threw me off, I had assumed that Sawyer’s “Is three years long enough to get over somebody?” line was him talking to Kate. Plus, I hadn’t suspected at all that time stopped jumping and they were now living the three years too. Very cool stuff.

I guess I’m getting a break from Lost bentos next week. *sob*

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  • I adore furikake and am sorry I missed the giveaway. Just found your blog yesterday. I grew up in Hawai’i and we put furikake on everything!

  • No problem, I’ll be bringing back the Furikake Frenzy in like April or something. I’d run it again this month but I’ve got so many reviews and giveaways and stuff to take care of, it would just be overkill.

  • Let’s just hope he’s not pulling the long con on Juliet…but I guess with only 1 more season to go that’s not so likely…waaahhhhh!!!!!

  • woot woot woot!!! I haven’t won anything since I was I child.
    Pikko, you made my weekend :0D


  • coppelia

    Whoooo! I am ridiculously happy about this! :3

    I don’t think I have any furikake bottles. :3