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Salmon Bento (354)

I have exciting news! Thanks to @hawaii on Twitter, I now get to go to KITV’s LOST viewing party at Dave and Busters this Wednesday! Woohoo! Finally, Lost bentoing pays off! Here is my latest on the boob tube:

Last Thursday I launched the new drawing for the Zojirushi Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar, so if you haven’t registered on the forums and entered yet, best do so today! The longer you wait, the less chances for entries you get! 🙂 To help remind people about the contest, I’ve packed today’s lunch in my own Mr. Bento jar.

The picture isn’t that great because I forgot my camera at Grandma J’s house last night. This picture was taken at work this morning. As you can see, I have no rice, which means I am starting my healthier eating today as promised.

I weighed myself right after I got up and the verdict was:

145.8 lb

Ouch. Keep in mind that when I first started Weight Watchers 2 years ago I was 150 even, so I’ve managed to erase all but 4 pounds of that in those two years. Naughty, naughty! Hopefully this time I can lose it faster with exercise. I made sure I had a whopping large piece of cheesecake last night as a last hurrah. I couldn’t even finish it, so now I know that there is in fact such a thing as too much cheesecake, especially if that cheesecake is from Costco.

In the lunch I have miso soup, pieces of salmon from a Zippy’s plate I bought Thursday night, lightly steamed sugar snap peas and baby carrots, and strawberries and blackberries. I was in a rush, so that’s why the salmon is dumped rather unceremoniously into the bowl. Plus, I didn’t intend to take the picture from above like that.

Last Thursday, I took the kids to Zippy’s because it was the last day of their 20% Employee discount coupon. Holy… S-R-A-P. The place was PACKED. There was no parking, the wait for food was 40 minutes. That is unheard of at Zippy’s, seriously. Anyway, I bought a salmon for lunch today and ate corn chowder for dinner. Let me tell you, keeping two hungry kids occupied in Zippy’s for that long. We ended up leaving at close to 9 pm.

Later that night I started antibiotics for my finger and ten minutes later while in bed, I suddenly got the worst hunger pains/stomach ache/nausea all at the same time. I had a nice intimate conversation with the bathroom and finally yelled for Mr. Pikko to bring me some bread to calm my stomach down, preferably before I died. When I couldn’t swallow the bread, he brought me water. Finally I got a little of it down but it didn’t seem to help much and I ended up groaning on the floor of our bedroom and spent part of the night there, soaking in sweat. I’m no longer going to be friends with Azithromycin. Seriously, we’re through.

Still, I know I’m supposed to finish them, so I called the doctor to see what I should do. I was terrified he’d tell me I’m just a wussy and I’d have to take the remaining four pills, going through torture every night. Thankfully after like 10 phone calls to his answering machine which does not take messages, I got through and he called me back shortly after 5 in the afternoon with the news that I shouldn’t take it anymore. Whew! I felt fine by evening.

On Saturday we took the kids to Olomana Gardens to take their tour and Mr. Pikko ended up buying me a Can O Worms as a Mother’s Day gift. They had two huge, monstrous dogs at the farm so Baby Girl made poor Mr. Pikko carry her the whole time so that they wouldn’t get near her. When we were leaving, I took her to wash her hands and saw a smaller black dog walking around. Me being the meanie mom, I casually pointed to it and said, “Look, a dog!” She let out this long, trailing shriek and took off towards the van, hands flailing in the air. I got such a great laugh out of that. LOL!

So now I have a worm composting bin in the house. The kids love the worms, though I don’t think we have very many. I can’t wait to have vermicast to put into my garden and I love the thought of putting all my bento scraps into the farm to feed my worms! 😀

On Sunday, the family had planned a visit to Mr. Pikko’s grandma who has been in the hospital for about a month now. On the way, we stopped in Waipahu to buy peonies for Mother’s Day. I bought two bunches and two singles, giving three stems with five buds to Grandma N., five stems for Grandma J, and buying four more. As I was checking out, the lady asked me if some of them were for myself. She’s apparently psychic.

I have never seen a red peony before, so when she brought the bunch of red ones out from the back I practically shoved the bunch of white ones I had in my hand back at her. I guess you could say it looks more salmon, but whatever, I love them. The purples still smell the best though.

I think my bento class still has a couple openings due to people not being able to make it on the new day this weekend. Contact the Temari Center for details!