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Chicken Pasta Bento (364)

I mentioned yesterday that Jenn and I created the You know you’re from Hilo if… page on Facebook. Today is the one week anniversary of when we made the page and much to our utter amazement, it’s got nearly 1,000 fans already! It’s amazing how fast its grown and it’s so fun to read everyone’s own Hiloisms.

Here’s today’s lunch, with Curious George there to wave at you. I was taking several angles of the bento when Baby Girl suddenly just stuck him in, so I took the shot with him in it. I use him to prop up my bentos when I take a frontal shot, so he was right there in the lightbox.

I have a bunch of these Knorr Pasta Sides that I need to use up, so I decided to cook one up for lunch and throw in some fresh ingredients to supplement. I boiled two cups water and added the contents, then threw in two sliced string beans and three sliced baby carrots. Last of all I threw in some chopped up Costco chicken, but you can’t see any in the photo. I ate some for breakfast and it tasted pretty good!

Here’s a photo without the monkey. I added the lettuce to the box first, then used chopsticks to slowly fill it up. I put some little pieces of broccoli in the corners, then arranged three of the carrot slices nicely, topping it off with a little sprig of parsley. In the other side I added two strawberries, some blueberries, and two bing cherries. I’m so glad summer is here! It means more fruits and bon dance! Yahoo!!