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Teriyaki Turkey Burger Bento

Man this summer is whizzing by and I feel an increasing amount of guilt from being too lazy to blog, even though I have lunches to post, ideas for bentos, ideas for videos, and lots of reviews to write. I really need someone to come along and give me a hard kick in the rear for motivation.

Today for lunch I packed a simple turkey burger in my Bagel Lunch Box. It came with instructions in Japanese along with some “How in the blazes did they close that lunch up?” photos of interesting lunches made with bagels. I find bagels to be a little too hard to bite if not toasted and I wasn’t about to pack a toasted-then-chilled bagel. Plus, my stupid toaster oven is still broken.

Turkey Burger Bento

I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m supposed to do with this thing. In the photo I have the bottom bun in the lower compartment, but I ended up moving the tomato and some lettuce down too when I couldn’t get the cover on without giving my burger a sat-on look. As I mentioned earlier, the photo illustrations only confused me more:

Bagel Lunch Box

Do you notice that there’s a mega fat shrimp and egg salad bagel sandwich (damn that sounds good) on the top, which will not doubt ooze all over the place since the cover won’t fit. Then there’s the bursting fruit salad, half of which will need to be taken out. Then as if that wasn’t maddening enough, there soup in the lower compartment! The fruit bowl goes into the bottom, leaving no room for soup. Seriously, what?

Well, either way, I managed to fit my burger in it eventually. Believe me when I say that it’s going to be quite a feat to fit a fruit salad into it. Unless I’m missing something in its construction. (totally possible) The recipe for this burger is on Learn 2 Cook. The lettuce was grown in our hydroponic tilapia garden bed by Mr. Pikko!

Some recent posts from my other blogs that might interest you guys:

I’ve come to realize that I have an addictive personality and one of my favorite new things to do is too pile on more stuff. I’m proud to say that I haven’t purchased a new domain and set up yet another new blog this month, but I am posting for another site that some of you may know: A few weeks back the site founder said she was accepting applications for news posters and I sent in my application with my long baggage list of blogs and web experience and about a week ago she replied and so now I’ve officially joined the domain of fan sites.

Actually, I guess I technically joined in 1997. My first website ever was some ridiculously silly site called Crystal’s Romeo + Juliet Scrapbook Helper. OH YEAH, Geocities, baby! It was actually a pretty popular site. I think I was like the #3 fansite for Romeo + Juliet, maybe even #2. I was a fan site pioneer!

This is just another term for “girl who couldn’t convince her boyfriend to drive 20 miles to pick her up for the movies”, but I find myself proud of that page anyway. I still have the marble tablet scrapbook I made along with it, too. :[

Anyway, hopefully through that I’ll get to meet some other fans so that I’m not constantly asking myself “I wonder if this is the fifth or sixth time I’ve talked about this Hunger Games scene with Jenn?” Or maybe another invite to Fireside Chat or some other fansite benefit along those lines. 🙂