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Pink Bunny Bento (372)

The Princeton Plainsboro Aquarium has two new fish in it. I don’t remember what they’re called, but they’re white, bottom feeders, and have little whiskers. They swim around very quickly and I find them very cute. I’ve never owned fish before and I’ve found it to be very calming and relaxing. I wake up at 5:30 AM and when I come out to the living room, they gather up at the glass to stare at me with hungry eyes. One of the female betta is usually cranky and her stripes show.

This is the bento that I wasn’t able to post yesterday because of my forgetfulness. I know the bunny doesn’t really have very bunny-ish features, but she’s still cute anyway, so I like her.

I used a metal mold for this one. There’s a similar one for a heart shape at Ichiban Kan and the cool thing about this one is that it doubles as a food cutter. The rice is colored with ume vinegar powder. I haven’t found this online except on eBay. For bunny’s eyes I used a hand-held oval puncher. For the mouth I used my smiley face punch and for the nose I used one of my mini face punches.

The lettuce went in first, then the hamburger, then the bunny. The broccoli was placed on the bottom left, then I took some spare broccoli pieces and tucked it into open spaces. In a food cup, I put some corn kernals, then added a sliced tomato from my garden to the top right. I added leftover Chinese noodles to another food cup and put that up top. To add some orange, I speared a kumquat with a cute little flag and stuck it into the last remaining space. Last of all, I applied the nori face.

Here’s a closer shot of the bunny. As you can see his rice isn’t really matted down nicely, probably because this is reheated rice.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!