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Yoshida Sauce Chicken Bento (382)

Today something small, but pivotal happened. Mr. Pikko has an eye infection and had to stay home, so I had to take the kids to school myself, which doesn’t sound like any big deal except that we’ve been walking Baby Girl in to her kindergarten class all this time, slowly waiting for the day when she’d feel ok with going in by herself. It seemed like a good day to try, so we started talking to her about it last night and much to my delight, she got out at the school ramp, blew me a kiss, and walked in by herself, turning around to wave goodbye three times with a happy smile on her face. It was a great way to start the morning. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yoshida Sauce Chicken Bento

I made this in a hurry this morning and didn’t have time to take a picture at home, so when I got to work I took a picture of it in the parking structure with the sunlight shining on it. It’s got rice, leftover Yoshida Sauce Chicken, broccoli, takuan slices, ume, 1/2 a boiled egg, and baby carrot sticks. It was very easy to put together, taking me about 30 minutes, but this was with egg boiling and toddler breakfast demands and sitting down to watch the GamesCom videos about FFXIV. I think without all of that this would have taken me 10 minutes tops.

I hope to have a 501 Bento Lunchesreview up soon. I know it’s late, but it’s been busy busy lately! D: As of this morning, I’m down 3.5 lbs and still building muscle!

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  • Kelly

    Does the egg get dried out if you take it out of the shell like that?

    This looks absolutely delicious! It’s simple, yet so elegant.

  • I’m not really sure what you mean about drying out. Whenever I pack boiled egg in a bento, it’s always peeled and doesn’t have a dry taste. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kelly

    What I mean is, does the egg get hard or crusty without a shell on it? How long is it out of the shell before you eat it? I guess that’s kind of a silly question, but I’m a little weird about eggs.

  • No, it’s hard boiled so it just stays the same. I had it in the fridge for about six hours before I ate it.

  • Kelly

    Cool. Thank you so much for the quick reply. (:

  • The bento looks nice. I work at a school, Early Childhood drop off can be difficult and can have many tears. That’s great that she is doing it by herself. The sooner you let them go in on their own the better. Monday will be our Cryer’s Day event (the first day of school.)

  • woohoo! i’m down 2lbs too! we rock! zumba tonight…happy kickboxing!

  • Hi Crystal:
    I love your blog. It is such an inspiration, as mom to a toddler. With aloha, Tiff

  • @Vampyra1 Woo, you go! Build those muscles! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @Tiff Wow, thanks for such a nice comment! <3

  • Mila

    Ok… iยดm knowing this site today…
    And iยดm impressed!
    Your work wiht bento are so cute and looks so delicious!
    I wish can do something like that one day…

  • I love that you took the pic in the parking garage!
    So cute about the kindergarten dropoff. We live within sight of the elementary school, but kindergarteners aren’t allowed to walk by themselves. So this year my oldest will be in 1st grade, and I wonder if they’ll be alright with him “walking” his younger brother to school for kindergarten, LOL.

  • I haven’t been leaving as many comments because I find that they are all the same! But still, here I go again, that looks lovely and SOOO yummy! XD

  • Chor Ee

    Hi, I’m new to bento as my kid just started her lunchbox.
    Do you have to pack the meat/egg in special insulated box to keep it warm or prevent it from turning bad if prepared in morning and eaten at lunch? Our weather here is 15-20degreeC at the moment and its getting warmer. Thanks in advance for any packing advise ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think it’s always better to use either a thermal lunch jar or pack your child’s lunchbox in an insulated carrier with a small icepack. It would really depend on what time they eat lunch. My daughter’s lunch is before 11 AM, which is quite early, so I’d feel okay with just sending it to school with her as-is. Look up general food safety rules for particular foods you’re sending.

  • I think it probably depends on where you have to keep the lunch before you eat it. I take my bentos in the insulated bags that have a foil looking liner. The food inside is straight out of the fridge and into the bag. I leave my bag on in my office, air conditioned of course, and I have never had any problems with spoilage. I wouldn’t recommend doing this without the A/C.
    I recently purchased a lunch bag for my hubby that has built in ice packets. You can place the folded bag in the freezer or fridge the night before and it remains cold all day. So cold that the first day we used it his lunch was frozen. The bag was the only thing that started out frozen. After weeks of experimenting we now just leave it open on the kitchen counter over night and the A/C from cooling our house is cold enough to keep his food cool until lunch. I wish I could remember the brand of the bag…. I’ve been looking for another one for myself too.

  • Chor Ee

    Hi thanks for all the advise. My girl is off in 8am and lunch at 12nn. The weather at the moment is cooler than A/C so I suppose temp wise it’s fine. From all the comments it seems that lunchbox/bento is to eaten cold, unlike real dinner or lunch?

  • a very nice bento, as usual, pikko