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Pumpkins in a Parsley Patch Bento (405)

Halloween is creeping up and us and although I’m supposed to be watching what I eat, I’ve been thinking of all the little Twix that I’ll get to steal from my kids Saturday night.

What? Not like they can eat it all! We just threw out candy from two years ago! Yech!

Pumpkin Patch Bento

Next up in my Halloween theme are three little pumpkins. I’d have made them out of carrot, but apparently I forgot to buy fat carrots. Good job, me. I ended up trying out making usuyaki tamago instead and even though the egg mixture looked great, when it was cooked, it looked more pastel orange. I’m using a new bento box which is actually the largest of a three box Totoro set from J-List that I just got. The three boxes have identical lids, but I’m only using the largest one in this bento because I was running late and had no time to pack the others.

The pumpkins were cut with a mini pumpkin cookie cutter, which can be found in this set this set, though I’m pretty sure I bought a non-Halloween one. I think I bought some fall set at WalMart because I have a bunch of leaf cutters too. That Halloween set looks awesome though, the ghost and cat look great. Maybe I’ll go look at WalMart again. It’s Halloween, so shopping there is right in spirit with the season, right? (i.e. scary)

The hamburger patties are little tiny things that I took home from a potluck at my Aunty’s house. She made them for the kids to eat so they were perfect for bento.

Pumpkin Patch Bento

Next to that I have a piece of broccoli and a baby roma. I’m almost done using this batch up! I’ve been trying to be really good about not wasting food and so far things have been going well. I’m quite proud of myself.

The pumpkins rest on a bed of rice and I punched out their faces with the Emoji nori punch on From Japan with Love. My parsley is going bad, so I stuck a lot of it in for the patch. I really wish I could grow parsley. I got a plant as a gift from work and I planted it at home only to find the next day that it had been completely harvested by some mean jerk of a bird. Maybe next time I plant some I’ll buy more plastic owls.

You may have noticed lately that I’ve been using doilies in my photos. I’ve been taking photo inspiration from luckysundae at Cute Obento. They’re pretty fun to use, so I’m glad I got a chance to learn this from her. You’ll all find out more about that later. 😉

The hilarious part about me doing this is that the word “doily” is my least favorite word in the entire English language. Seriously, I hate it. I just find the sound of it exceedingly irritating. In high school my friends used to be beans and say “Doily doily doily” just to annoy me. I suppose I can make an exception now though, since they really do add a nice homey touch.