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Easter Bunny Bento Videos

Alright, so I finally got my universe aligned just the right way to let me make my bento video. I’ve been planning to make this bento for a long time and since it involved the whole scrapbooking thing, I really wanted to make this one the subject of my video so that you can see how easy it is through more than just pictures.

I woke up before the butt crack of dawn to film this and make the videos, which was surprisingly easy to edit. The filming was a bit rough as I couldn’t get the right angles or lighting, but I suppose that’s just something to work on later. The bento itself went much smoother than usual because I had everything cooked and laid out before I started, which was very enlightening. I will have to try collecting everything ahead of time instead of making a dozen trips to the fridge more often. Before I get to the videos, here’s a photo.

Easter Bunny Bento

I used another of the piece talk patterns from the old Scrapbooks, Etc. magazine I used to make the sheep and chick bentos. I split the videos into two. One shows you how to make the cheese bunny and then the second video shows you how I assembled the bento itself.

I managed to edit this to under five minutes. It probably took me around 8 to actually make the bunny.

Sadly, the bunny in this video didn’t make it. I accidentally ripped off his right ear when putting it away, so I cut another one and moved all the accents over. My talking starts a bit abruptly because my camera didn’t rewind all the way when I transferred the files over. If I sound slurry, it’s because it’s really freaking early.

This one has a little intro from me, which I forgot to do at the start. The kids had already woken up and started watching tv, so that’s why there’s all the background noise. I should make an outtakes video because I have a part where I start talking and then you can hear Buddy informing me that he only peed on my blanket, but not my bed. Awesome. I looked up at him and saw that his underwear was mysteriously inside out.

I hope you all enjoy my first attempt at a bentomaking video. If I get good enough reception over it, I can try to do more but with better lighting. I wish I had a nicer camera, but it’s better than nothing.

Easter Bunny Bento Close-up

Here’s a close-up of the bento. I bought this box at Shirokiya at 20% off. I think it ended up costing me $10. So far I’m not doing so good at my 1 box a month limit… I could NOT resist the shape though. It’s so rare to find true oval shapes and the only other one I had was black or huge and wooden. This one is perfect for small bentos with pastel themes.

The tamagoyaki is made from one egg with leftover white cheese dropped in after I put the egg into the tamagoyaki pan. I ate the leftovers for breakfast and man did it taste awesome. The rolls in the back are 1 1/2 stalks of asparagus rolled up in ham and pan fried (no oil) and then cut in half. I fried the pipi kaula at the same time in the tamagoyaki pan after cooking the egg.

There are some things that people probably won’t have available, but all are easily substituted with common ingredients. Obviously you can just use green leaf lettuce instead of the veggies I used for the leaf border. Instead of pipi kaula, just add a few bite size pieces of any meat you have available. If you don’t have fish sausage for the bunny, use bologna or cut it out from a thin ham slice with kitchen scissors.

Happy Bentoing!

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  • Kathy

    That was quite interesting seeing how you put everything together. So far, my bentos have been very simple. I guess I just haven’t had the nerve to do anything more complicated than what I have done.

    One interesting note: your voice sounds a whole lot like what my voice used to sound like when I was younger. Of course, I am not so younger now!

  • Pikko

    Back when I did an internet radio show, people used to tell me I sounded Canadian. I was like, what?

  • Samantha S.

    Wow, that was awesome! I love to see your finished works, but seeing how you put them together really gave me the inspiration to make more intricate bentos. ^.^

    PS: I am back in FFXI again on Leviathan.. I tried to walk away.. but they pulled me back in with the level cap of 99. T_T

  • Pikko

    Thanks Samantha!

    Ha! I’m not all that big on leveling, so I probably won’t ever hit even 80.

  • Lil’chan

    What a great experience to watch you making a bento! Great, thank you so much for those video clips ^-^ They was really helpful, especially in arranging al bento ingredients to a really nice out coming! I would be glad to see more of your great skills in a video 😉

  • Courtney

    I’m so glad you’re doing videos now! Keep em up!! Your easter charaben is adorable!!

  • Pikko

    Thanks Courtney!

  • Pikko

    Thanks Lil’chan, I’m glad you liked it!

  • Jasmine McClain

    I loved the videos!! I hope to see you do more. It really shows that it isn’t too hard to make things look nice and I will definitely be using the saran wrap technique for onigiri. I really think you should keep all your outtakes and put them together when you have enough, I laugh so hard at the things the kids do, and you know that wont be the last time one of them interjects in a video

  • mils

    Oh I loved watching this! It had be enthralled to say the least. It’s nice to see what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right – and learn from you. Am going to copy this bento, although I’m not too sure what am I going to do with the bunny face as I had yet to get my nori punch …am sure I’ll find something!

    By the way, excellent quality for your first try

  • Pikko

    You could always just get a single hole puncher. There are 1/8″ ones sold at office supply stores.

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  • Pikko

    Yeah, the wrap way is nice and easy and makes the rice have a smooth surface if you use hot rice!

  • Patrice Vamos

    I loved the video. Especially your voice at the beginning. That’s exactly what mom’s sound like when they create bento at the beginning of a very busy morning. Then it’s off to school with the children a million other tasks before they come home. I have never tried shaping rice in saran. I’m off to give it a try this weekend. Have a great day and Thanks!

  • Polina

    GREAT video! i just have a question. how do you keep all of the food from falling all over the place when you carry it?

  • Pikko

    The bento box has a cover and all the food being snugly in place keeps it from moving around.

  • Pikko

    I hope it turned out nicely for you!

  • Bento Box

    I watched your videos before bed last night and, oh man, I could not wait to get up this morning to try out the techniques you demonstrated! Thanks for the tips and tricks! Any tips on how to cut egg white so the sides don’t go raggedy?

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  • Pikko

    I’m not the person to ask about cutting eggs! LOL! Anything me + eggs is bad times.

  • Tata

    Love the white bunny! He’s sooooo cute 😀

  • Pikko

    Thanks! I really need to email the magazine now that I’m almost done. :)

  • Sandra

    Great tutorial Pikko!!! The videos really help on the how-to’s. Thanks for posting it!

  • Kate Croft

    I loved the video! It is wonderful to see how you do things. :)

  • Pikko

    Glad you liked it Kate! I’ll be sure to do another soon.

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  • Cooking fairy

    Wow this is just amazing! congratulations, your videos are awesome!

  • Pikko

    Thanks Cooking Fairy!! ^_^