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Introducing the Bento Hoodlums

Last week, I found some of the cute little 2″ Domo Qee toys on eBay and was lucky enough to score three of them; red, brown, and green. They arrived last Friday and I immediately began having photo fun with them, something I’d seen on the Flickr group Domo Domo Domokun. I opened them up and immediately gave them food names, which made the kids go crazy for them.

The red one is Kamaboko, the brown one is Tonkatsu, and the green one was Shiso until Baby Girl made me rename him to Wasabi. I liked her suggestion way better anyway! It seemed they were going to make a great addition to our home.

Food Picks

But then… then I went to give the kids a bath and when I came out, they were attempting to make a break for it. In their hands were some of my bento food picks!! I really don’t know how they managed to do it since I have these in a sealed box with snaps on the side, but they did it somehow. It’s a good thing I caught them in time. I think Kamaboko could have really hurt herself with that huge shamrock pick. After this incident, I decided to call them the Bento Hoodlums.

The next day, Mr. Pikko was moving an old female betta from the bathroom into the tank with our two new fish and she started going on a rampage against the newbs. The Hoodlums thought this was fantastic entertainment.

Fighting Fish

They stood outside the tank cheering on the old girl, though I think Wasabi was rooting for the new fish.

We went to Grandma J’s house for a birthday party and there’s a big box of Thomas trains there. The Hoodlums were getting bored, so they launched a sneak attack on poor Thomas theย  Tank Engine.


As you can see, he was taken completely by surprise. I think Tonkatsu might have farted on him for extra insult.

Wasabi Cupcake

Later, we were eating cupcakes and before I could stop him, Wasabi had hopped up on top of mine and starting stomping his way through my frosting, laughing maniacally the whole time. He wasn’t laughing too hard later when I was scooping frosting out of his shoes though, so we’re even.

The Hoodlums have been a nice distraction from the ultimate sadness that is the loss of Pikko’s name in Final Fantasy XI. I’m slowly getting over it, but I think the wound will be reopened when I have to actually do the renaming later on today when I log into Lakshmi for the first time.

I woke up at ten to five this morning to be there when Garuda went down and logged out at Bomingo Round, my usual fishing spot for moat carp in Windurst Woods. I didn’t have the heart to make a bento today. I just didn’t feel like it after the server went down and so I went back to bed.

I’m anticipating a lot of name chaos later tonight when the servers come back up, but I also hope it’s not that bad. Knowing how painful it is to lose a beloved name to an inactive character, I really don’t want to see others go through the same thing. Through all of this, I have lost a lot of respect for Square Enix, since they appear to put more value into a non-paying customer versus a paying customer. I don’t know how this will affect how I do things at ZAM, but hopefully it’s something that I can get over eventually.

After talking it through with a friend, we’ve decided to stick it through until Wings of the Goddess is completed and after that, we’ll likely leave the game. I had never thought I’d ever lose my character’s name, so it really sucks to end up leaving under a different name, no matter how cool it is. I started as Pikko and I wish I could have ended as Pikko without having the price tag of leaving friends behind. I suppose this is just how it’s meant to be though. The name can now live on through this blog and Yum-Yum Bento Box.

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  • Love these guys — and I’ve gotten lots of giggles from your tweets about their antics!

    What a bummer about the Pikko name. I feel for ya!

  • I have been following your tweets regarding those 3 little cute guys … it was hillarious and fun!! Will these 3 little featured in your bento soon? (^.^)

  • leslie

    I am very sad to hear about the loss of “Pikko.” My thoughts are with you.

    These Domos are darling! I showed my son the post, and he laughed his tush off, saying, “I want some!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Dracula Domo thought they might be distant cousins until I reminded him that they weren’t wearing any capes. Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces in the dark of your day.

  • Moontaj

    Cute blog today!

    I feel your sadness Pikko, but am overjoyed that you’ll still be playing FFXI a bit longer, and I know my hubby will be too once I tell him. It’s stupid how SE handled the forced merge. I know I’d be going through something similar if it was my name changing.

  • I’m sorry you lost “Pikko”.

    I love your domokuns! So awesome. My brother has a whole bunch of domokun stuff but nothing as cute as these guys! I hope they appear on your blog often.

  • Adri

    the Domo’s are so cute! I found one at Border’s in the Fall, and got it for my spouse as he loves Domo. It turned out to be purple, but he still loves it! he even made me buy him a giant Domo stuffed animal as a Christmas gift.

    I’m sorry about your loss over the name of Pikko, it makes me very sad as well how they are handling it. Maybe the maintenance is taking so long because they’re deleting all the old characters?!

  • Oh my, you poor one. It’s hard to loose a Character or it’s name. I know this. My nickname is also from an MMORPG called Ragnarok Online. My Characters were called Flying_Lily and Little_Lily. I had no more money to play the game and had to leaf. My Schatzi called me while the play time Lil’chan, also at conventions. So I had chosen Lily, or Lil’chan as my own nickname and so I can remember my lost Characters. So I really can understand your feelings. And one of the weird things after that was, that I had some day a post from a “Flying Lily” on my blog. My…. that was strange ^^” But now I’m over it.

  • Love these photos – it’s like a comic – storyboard! So cute how they ran off with your food picks! I am going to show the Thomas Tank one to my toddler – he will love this! Sorry to hear about your Pikko name on the Game – it really sucks. Can you register as Pikko with 2 dots on the i instead of 1, or a little circumflex or accent? I don’t know how to put them here… but I hope you know what I mean.

  • Love the Bento Hoodlums. The pictures were too funny!

  • I’m kind of obsessed with them now. I carry them everywhere!

  • LOL, I’ll probably catch them trying to eat my onigiri before I put it in.

  • Thanks Leslie. ๐Ÿ™

    I have to take a pic at work with my H1N1 domo, but haven’t had time yet!

  • I haven’t had the heart to officially change it yet. =

  • I just discovered these 2″ guys. They’re so freaking awesome. At first I was like, wtf, you can’t have a green domo. But once I got him… man. That was it.

  • I need to keep an eye out for the Easter Domo!

  • I’m sure I’ll eventually get over it enough where I won’t be so bitter. But for now, I’m pretty bitter. lol

  • Naw, they don’t allow special characters. Besides, I think people would have a hard time msging me and stuff.

  • Glad you do, there’s more to come!

  • Das

    But you’ll play when XIV comes out right ( as long as you get your name =p )? i played XI twice and stopped both times because of not having anyone to play with and because i was not a big fan of the interface on the pc. I have high hopes for XIV though and already signed up for the beta when i got the code inside of XIII for ps3