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Baby Shower and a Beary Yummy Cake

Today we had a baby shower for a former admin at our office and since she’s a big fan of my food, I felt it was only right to make a platter of onigiri for her to coo over as her due date creeps up. I planned on making it when I got to the office so that it was fresher and so I got to “sleep in” until 6 AM and just cooked the rice. I didn’t want to overload the rice with hanaosushi no moto as it can be kind of strong, so I added 5 drops of red food coloring to a pot of 3 cups of rice. This was a little too much, I think 3-4 would have been better.


My co-worker J helped me add the nori faces. A fellow foodie, she had a blast with all my nori punchers and in between “oohs” and “awws” she was able to help me add faces to the onigiris. I started with the bear and piggie with saran wrap, then worked my way out with an onigiri mold.

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The perfectionist in me is bothered by the little empty space at the bottom of the platter, but we’ll just pretend someone snuck in and ate one.

Close up

Here’s a close-up of the piggie and bear. I forgot my toothpicks, so adding the nori was such a challenge! Don’t ever do this with fingers, I was ready to just eat one of them in a rage (an onigiri, not a finger) over the little tiny eyes sticking to my finger.

Bear Cake

Here’s the freaking insanely cute cake that D made for our office. I swear, this lady just gets better and better. It’s totally time for a cake blog!!! The body and head are red velvet and the rest are Rice Krispies treats and the entire thing is covered in buttercream frosting then decorated with fondant.

I had some cake and the left ear. SO yums!!!


And wait a minute, wait a minute! What is this?!? Feeding someone edamame is one thing, but surely giving flowers is a sign of true love! Awww!!!

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  • Loolee

    Oh no! Wasabi looks none too happy about that flower! I wonder if he had designs on Kamaboko as well.

  • Jen

    This is so CUTE! <3
    Btw, I was wondering if you can translate some of the Japanese terms (eg hanaosushi no moto)? I don't know a lot of Japanese food terms so it would be a lot of help!
    Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

  • Hee, what a cute bunch!

  • Hi Jen, hanaosushi no moto is pink powdered rice vinegar. I buy it at Marukai and it’s an ume flavored powder that turns rice pink.

  • These are so adorable! I need to buy the pink powdered vinegar so I can make these. How exactly does it work? Do you cook the rice in the pink vinegar or do you put it on after?

  • Hi kirbie,

    I put it in after!

  • Thanks Gnoe! Everyone liked the pig and bear the most.

  • Hey, he didn’t make a move! You snooze you lose!

  • Emily

    So cute! I love it!!

  • So incredibly cute!! What do you use as the pig nose and star face?

  • Jennifer

    OMG! SO cute! I was trying to get my dad to let me make fish-shaped onigiri for this meeting he needs to go to (it’s a fishing club…they need fish shaped rice. LoL) but he said no. 🙁 Maybe if I keep bugging him he’ll give in. I don’t see why men can’t eat cute onigiri too.

  • LadySaotome

    Does it hurt the rice cooker at all to put food coloring in it? It won’t stain the bowl or anything, will it? (I have one of those zojirushi with fuzzy logic types)

  • I’m not sure, because my rice pot is black. I don’t think it would though, it’s heavily diluted with the water.

  • LadySaotome

    I’ll give it a try and find out. the bowl needs replacing anyway so if it does anything wierd, I’ll just be motivated to buy it sooner! ^_^

  • JC

    Oh, I like those cute looking onigiris. I tried cutting the nori sheet into the shapes of eyes and mouth. Gosh! It’s so tough. It got worst when my fingers were sticky from the starch of the rice. Are there any puncher made for creating eyes and mouth? If yes, I need to go to Daisho and search for them. I usually see puncher with cute heart or star shapes.