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1 Million Hits Bento Giveaway

Since I know people are going to ask, I’ll just get it out of the way right now. Yes, I did end up getting to do extra work for the George Clooney movie filming here in Hawaii! While I can’t provide details about what I did, I will say that I did get to see him in person and at one point, stood just a few feet away from him. That made the day squeal-worthy to say the least. I was only needed for one day instead of two, but I think I probably got in the shot, so I’m definitely excited to see the movie when it comes out next year, especially since it’s based in Hawaii.

With so much going on last week, I almost forgot to post about what is surely the biggest milestone for my blog so far: reaching 1 million hits!!! I’ve seen it coming and in preparation, I went on a big shopping spree at Marukai last month. The silly thing is, I almost missed it! I’m less than 7k away from it!

1 Million Hits Prizes

With a 20% off discount at Zakka, I went nuts and spent over $150 for prizes for all of you, my loyal blog readers. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have a successful site and upcoming book, so while I’m not entirely sure yet how I will split all of this up, rest assured that I will have at least 10 prize packets come out of this smorgasbord of bento goodies!!

Here’s a closer look:


This is not a complete list, but in this pile of stuff is:

  • 10-12 bento boxes
  • Alphabet/Number cutters
  • 2 fried rice packets
  • 3 packets of hanaosushi no moto
  • 2 red Hana Ebi packets
  • 2 green Hana Ebi packets
  • 2-3 charaben cutter sets
  • 2 four-in-one sandwich cutters
  • 2 onigiri molds
  • 1 tamagoyaki mold
  • 4-6 mixed baran sets
  • 2 umbrella/balloon/bone food picks
  • 3 cute animal comb picks
  • 1 set of animal food cutters
  • 3 sesame seed grinders
  • 1 set of condiment pencils
  • 1 set of nori cutters
  • 1 triple onigiri mold
  • 1 penguin furikake bottle
  • 1 monkey furikake bottle
  • 2 sets of sakura paper food cups
  • 3 mini bamboo rice paddles
  • 2 sets of cute cookie cutters
  • 1 mini onigiri mold
  • 1 set of ocean paper food cups
  • 1 pack of Ochazuke mix

There will be two ways that you can enter to win some of these goodies this time around.

  1. Tell me which of the 480 bentos I’ve made in the last three years you liked the most. OR
  2. Tell me a good bento joke or pun. You can simply convert another joke into a bento one. Don’t worry about bad puns, I love ’em!

You only need to do one, but if you like you can do both. Limit one entry per person. You can enter for the next week, I’ll close this sometime next Monday then pick random winners to win a surprise prize packet. Be sure to use an email address you check frequently as if I don’t hear from you within 48 hours, I will pick another winner.

Be sure to tell anyone interested about my giveaway, as I’d love to see tons of participation in this one for such a momentous occasion. Also coming up soon, my 500th bento! D: *scared*

In closing, here’s my bento #480 I made for Mr. Pikko last week.

Steak Bento

I have to keep it simple with him, so it’s just rice, leftover teri teak, pan sauteed kabocha, cole slaw, and a tomato.

Bento Hoodlums will return soon!