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Ode to Vincent (LOST Bento 13)

Wow… have I seriously made 13 Lost bentos??

LOST is back this week and I almost didn’t make one today because I had no plan and felt lazy. I ended up cycling through the Lost Forever font looking for someone to cut out when I ended up on Vincent. Since we’ve been talking a lot about getting a dog, what kind of dog we wanted to get, and most of all how much Mr. Pikko wishes golden retrievers weren’t so terrible at the whole guard dog thing, I figured it was fitting to do a bento dedicated to Lost’s dog.

Especially since you know he’ll end up being one of the loose ends we just don’t get to know about. I mean seriously, what is going to happen to him? I think they just won’t say! But eh, maybe I’m wrong.


I was so lazy I didn’t start cutting him out until 6:30. At 7:05 I threw together the food in just under 5 minutes if you can believe that. (not counting boiling the veggies tho) I have Teri-Q Salmon, broccoli, corn, asparagus, tomato, rice, Vincent, and a carrot bone.

My aunty read my blog post yesterday about my giveaway and she was very concerned that I burned the food, asking if it was something to do with her instructions. I’ve since informed her of what a catastrophe I can be and that the burning is surely attributed to me not knowing the power of my cast iron pan, not her instructions.

Here’s a close-up of this cutie:


Poor dog. At least he has a lot of Dharma Initiative worker bones to eat though, right? HA HA…


One of my winners, Mimi, did not reply to my email in time, so I adjusted the numbers of the entries and drew a replacement winner. Congrats, Kim!!


This is Box #023 in my Docubentory. I tried to find it to make my lunch today, but my cabinet is a jungle and I couldn’t get to it. I couldn’t even see it!! Ugh.