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Kitty Cat Croissanwich (492)

Holy cow, I’m totally right up against Bento #500 already! It’s a good thing I started up a calendar of bento tasks to keep track of what I need to do because if not, I probably would have gone right past 500 without doing the ultimate plan I have in mind. I’d have been seriously pissed at myself.

Kitty Crossainwich Bento

I actually wasn’t going to pack anything today, but then I saw we had two croissants from Costco left and decided that a croissanwich would taste pretty good. I kept looking at it and eventually saw a cat. All I did was snip off some of the ends at the top to make the ears then made the sandwich. The lettuce lining will go into the sammie before I eat it.

The eyes are cut from pepperjack cheese slices with the zero from this Number Cutters Set. I used an oval single hole puncher I bought at a craft store to cut the nori for the eyes. For the nose, I used a large teardrop from my gum paste set, then used the cutter to cut it into a nice nose shape. I used a circle cutter to cut out the mouth. Both the nose and mouth are made out of fish sausage. The whiskers are somen noodles, which I’ll just take out and discard after. There’s a few cubes of mango on the side.

I feel like it’s safe enough (I didn’t want to jinx anything) to elaborate on the stress my family has been under has been about moving to a house closer to work. We finally reached a decision this week, so that’s a tremendous relief. The only thing now is that puts a monstrous task on top of an already heavily burdened schedule. Thank goodness lots of TV shows are ending soon! I’m super excited and can’t wait to move!

Anyway, that being said, I have to start using up all the food in my house to avoid moving all that stuff. You know this means we ate Hamburger Helper for dinner and that we’ll probably eat it for dinner tomorrow too. Then Tuna Helper for lunch. *gag* Don’t get me wrong, obviously my family loves the stuff, but having to get rid of so much (they’re expired too, lol) at once is not a fun task.

Microwave Mochi

On a whim, I decided I’d try making microwave mochi to start using up my mochiko flour. I searched Google and ended up choosing an article from the Star-Bulletin. It took me about 20 minutes to do and believe me, if it sounds easy, it’s because it totally is. Even someone as klutzy as me in the kitchen was able to make these cute looking things. I basically scooped it out of the pan with a spoon then rolled them up, using potato starch to keep it from sticking to my hands. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!!

Sadly, there’s nothing in the middle, but hey, at least it tasted ok.

Bento Box 024

Here’s Box #024 in my Docubentory. I actually used this box quite a lot in my early days and it’s Lube Sheep, so of course it’s got a bunch of nonsense text on the cover, enhancing its appeal.

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  • Madura

    love the kitty idea. thanks for the mochi recipe link

  • Meiow! That is cat-tastic! Good luck with the moving house preparations! Exciting times! 😀

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  • What an absolutely adorable kitty! I love how you used the croissant. 🙂

  • Becca

    The only time I tried to make mochi it ended up as a wierd sugry-floury tasting paste. 🙁 My friends refused to go near it.

  • Adri

    Wow, a cat croissant, so cute, simple and brilliant! I hope moving is not very stressful!

  • Jennifer

    So you’re moving? I can just imagine what it’s going to be like packing up all of your bento…stuff (for lack of a better word at 12:42 in the morning. LoL.)

    I want to make mochi now. I usually make chichi dango on Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day, but unfortunately, this year Boy’s Day ended up on the last day of instruction and I had a project and a paper due that day (and guess who procrastinated until Tuesday to get everything done) so I didn’t have time to make any.

  • Good luck with the moving house preparations! I love the croissant kitty cat. Might have to try some pastry characters in my bentos. 🙂

  • A. Murakami

    Love the neko! I might try this with my daughter. I don’t think she’s ever had a croissant before but might like it.

  • Morgana Ross

    I showed this to my hubby and I’m so adding one of these into his bento on Monday. I’m thinking of filling it with a nice smoked chicken salad. The lettuce for a liner that can be added to the sandwich is genius!

    I’m always so inspired by your blog!

  • Omg that’s really cute! I want to make something like that now XD

  • So creative! Love it 🙂

  • No problem, good luck! It was easy!

  • Yes, definitely exciting! 😀

  • Thanks Kuusou! It was very quick and easy!

  • Aww. 🙁 What cooking method did you use?

  • I think moving is always stressful, but it’s a good move!

  • I think I’m going to have to move my boxes in laundry baskets… it’s the best way I can think of right now, haha!

  • Thanks Miloko, I’ll need it! My hubby’s been laughing at me because I’ve never had to move yet. The last time, I was pregnant…

  • My son didn’t really like them the first time, but then he asked for another one the next day and now he can snarf down a Costco one in no time.

  • Ohh, that sounds yummy! I have cans of chicken in my pantry I need to use up, maybe I should do that too.

  • It was seriously so easy, just cut with kitchen shears.

  • Thanks Gnoe!

  • i love this croissant bento! so creative! and i own a box puttyfreh and find it the good size for a real midday bento for me.

  • suzanne

    I love your site and i’m trying to make bento’s for my daughter but I have trouble with the cheese faces, etc. How do they stick onto anything? My daughter’s lunchbox gets turned sideways and upside-down before she gets to school and everything would just slide off. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Suzanne,

    You could try securing it with little pieces of angel hair pasta. If it’s to a sandwich, she’ll probably have to remove it, but if it’s to rice, it will likely soften by lunchtime.

  • Thanks fossettes! Which putifresh do you own?

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