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Crab Somen Salad Bento

I looked back at my past bentos and it looks like after I made my 500th bento, the cute drive in me went crawling under the stove and laid there to die. I don’t recall this happening while I was conscious, but I haven’t made anything cute other than my FFXI bento and that one was almost forced because it had a deadline on it. Maybe it’s the stress of being asked to make Easy Mac every day and fighting with a six year-old whenever I refuse that’s killed my need to make my food smile back at me.

Somen Salad Bento

I’ve been trying to watch what I eat lately, so I’ve been packing lighter meals on occasion to help keep my calorie intake down. For today I went with a quick somen salad already soaked in somen sauce, then topped with imitation crab and black sesame seeds.

Lately my camera’s auto focus has been giving me a lot of trouble, sometimes just not focusing at all, forcing me into manual focus mode. This isn’t always the best thing since in the mornings I usually have fuzzy eyes due to not being quite awake until 9 am. My photos actually come out really dark too and without photoshop to help me with my lighting, I’d be posting some pretty ass looking photos.

I used a Hello Kitty bento box that I found at Price Busters a long time ago. It’s the perfect size for one serving of somen lined with lettuce leaf all around. Anyway, since I haven’t been blogging as much, I figure I owe people a life update.

Things with the house are still going as nightmarishly as can be, with me now being in charge of finding someone to change all the windows with quality work while not making us plunk down more money than my entire college education cost at UH Manoa. Electrical work will hopefully start soon and once I can find myself a company that won’t take 2 months to order windows and satisfies the above conditions, maybe we’ll get to move in by the end of August. At this point, I think we’ll be lucky if we’re in by Thanksgiving.

As I find myself busier, I find myself tired all the time. People always ask me how I do what I do and the answer is that I give up sleep. My body has been telling me for the last two weeks that it’s having none of that anymore.

Lunch at summer fun is “interesting” if the stories from Baby Girl and Baby J (my niece) are to be believed. It sounds like they have a little bunch of friends and they all look at what everyone has and share everyone’s food between them. The only thing that ever comes back empty is a day I gave in to Easy Mac and the container the chocolate goldfish went in. I packed her light canned peaches today and she said she ate all of that. Unfortunately that’s my last can and I’m not supposed to be buying any more food for the pantry.

Buddy’s boy toddler brain continues to boggle my mind. The other day he found an uncapped yellow pen and his first instinct was to run down the hallway dragging it against the wall. Lucky for me, it was uncapped, but there was a brief couple of seconds where my hair stood on end and the shriek was halfway out before I realized no harm had been done. He interrupts with the weirdest things, such as busting into a conversation I’m having with Mr. Pikko with, “DADDY! Remember, we came home. And I made doodoo.

That was it. We just looked at him like, okay…

We went to the 50th State Fair on Sunday with the Ticketmaster wristbands which were well worth the money since Baby Girl kept going on the Super Slide over and over and over with no line. Buddy is a Tilt-A-Whirl addict and it was pretty sad because he was one inch too tall for free admission and one inch too short for a ton of the rides. Tough luck for him, man!

And I know… I still have to Zojirushi winners to determine!