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Breakfast Bentos

Last night brought us to about 95% moved out of the old place, so I’ve got plans to go do one more load and then we start cleaning it up for what we’re hoping will be a quick sale. Man, I would never have expected just how much CRAP I had hiding all over the place. I mean, I knew, but not to the extent that it’s been revealed to be during The Purge.

Still, I’m not purging nearly enough to satisfy Mr. Pikko. Last night he convinced me to throw out my giant stack of Scrapbooks Etc magazines and I told him to do it before I changed my mind. I had wanted to try selling them on Craigslist, but realized I have so many more important things to do, like finishing painting the house!

Breakfast Bentos

These are two breakfast bentos that I made during the summer when my niece slept over one night. I made the two girls breakfast and they giggled their way through about half and I offered to pack it up for them to eat at school. Baby Girl’s is on the left and Baby J’s is on the right.

We recently got a new acquisition in our home: a dishwasher. It’s a housewarming gift from my in-laws and it is like a gift from heaven since I’ve discovered that I can just toss rinsed off bento boxes in there instead of having to labor over the grease that doesn’t ever seem to come out of the little corners. Wheeee!