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Review: Lock & Lock 2-Tier Bento Box

Due to BlogHer rules, outside reviews must be displayed without BlogHer ads. For this reason, my review of the Lock-N-Lock 2-Tier Bento Box from All Things for Sale has been moved here.

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  • I have this set in pink. I love the all-in-one set idea as well as the 3 compartment divisions. Unique and practical.

  • Michelle

    I like the looks of this one. One layer could be for food to heat in the microwave and the other layer for food you won’t heat.

  • Looks definitely very useful and practical – I have a two-tired box and had trouble to separate well my tomato-salad from my banana-salad and the cookies. This one looks like it would work!

  • Great to know! I particularly like the idea of the domed covers to avoid food getting squooshed. Very practical. How sturdy is the material?

  • I LOVE this! I love Lock-n-lock sets and have many that I’ve purchased at the local Asian markets. Most of mine are glass so they make my lunch very heavy if I have more than one container. I would love to win this little beauty.

  • This set seems great, I like the idea of the dividers! And they ship internationally: dangerous for me!

  • Andrea

    Oooh, that’s so cute! I have some Lock & Locks for food storage, and I love them (and pack lunches in them, too, sometimes). Yeah, those removable dividers bug me too.

  • I have one of these on order, so this is nice to read! My first bentos, coming up in the new year!

  • looks great! I love bento!

    have a nice time,

  • Inverted lids suck!! I am a fan of Lock and Lock products after trying them 🙂 This bento set looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see how the waterproof feature holds up 😀 I like removable dividers too, but for waterproofing, the permanent is much better!

  • Emmanuelle

    Nice review! Your “turkey bake” dish seems very good, may I ask for clues for the recipe? I tried to search on the Internet, but I found nothing 🙂

  • @Emmanuelle I used the back of the box. You can find it here:

  • Emmanuelle

    Thanks Pikko! I will check if we have turkey mix stuffing in France 🙂 Looks so nice:)

  • Rose

    Just got this in mail Sat 11 Dec, didn’t realize after I read the specs that this was only 6 inches long, this is SNACK size, not anywhere near a size for a lunch, the pics were misleading (read the fine print)

  • Rose, most bento boxes are this size.

  • Lucy


    This set is actually toward the large end of the spectrum, for a bento box. The point is to portion your food, and pack it tightly! 😉

    The total volume is 700 milliliters. If you pack if well (particularly with something like fried rice or a heavy stew), you can easily exceed 700 calories, which is actually well over the recommended meal size for an adult woman. If you do need more, I recommend packing higher-calorie items such as nuts, and using condiments such as mayo or ranch.

    Good luck! 🙂