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Mahimahi Bento

I know right now that the harsh weather on the mainland is terrible, but we’re suffering in our own way (though admittedly much more minor) out here in the middle of the ocean. A couple weeks back it was really rainy and we had another bout of rains over the last few days. As a result of that rain, we’re now suffering through a merciless onslaught of mosquitoes.

It’s not like we can just run into the house to avoid them either, they’re IN the house too. My son’s preschool posted a notice about their mosquito issues and Buddy’s legs are riddled with itchy red spots. While walking Baby Girl to school, we had to stop and take two scratching breaks. They bite me on my fingers at home while I blog and they bite my feet while I watch tv. They buzz in my ear when I’m just about to fall asleep and they bite my arms while I cook dinner.

I now cackle like a full-on maniac when I smash one of the damn things.

Mahimahi Bento

Since I forgot my camera at work yesterday, I had to charge the battery for my good ol’ point and shoot to take this photo. It was surprisingly easy to use after such a long time using my Nikon. I admit I almost didn’t know how to take a photo with a regular camera again!

I fried up the mahi mahi in olive oil after seasoning it with a little salt and pepper, then coated it lightly in flour. I fried the extra pieces for the weekend. The rice went in first, then the three pieces of fish. I put the kale leaves in to separate the avocado from the broccoli, cauliflower, and rice. The lettuce leaves are doing the same for the tangelo slices. The grape tomato I picked fresh from the garden.

Since my rice was scrinched in the corner, I didn’t have room for a full-sized ume, so I just ripped a bit off of one and put that in.

Mahimahi Bento Points Calculation

Total: 10 points

Weight this morning: 153.4 lb

Please try not to laugh at my silly graph, it makes me feel nice.

So far so good! I’ve been really good about my water drinking and have been drinking a lot of green tea as well to help with that. It’s a bit annoying having to go to the bathroom so much, but it feels good to know I’m getting my liquids.

Yesterday, when I heated my bento up very briefly, I had a bento revelation. After a quick 22 second nuke, I took it out only to notice that my bunny’s nose had taken on the most adorable puffy look.

Melted Bunny

I couldn’t believe it! It was like when my mom first showed me the glory of ironing puff paint on a t-shirt! I don’t know if it matters that the cheese was slightly squished from being packed, but the way the nose and ears looked after microwaving was just so freaking cute and so much nicer than it looked when I took the picture. From now on, when I’m using cheese for faces, I’m nuking them for a bit to achieve realistic curves!