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Oyako Donburi Bento and Weight Progress

Last month I made this oyako donburi bento but apparently forgot to do a post about it.


I am still hoping that one day my family will get over their Mr. Pikko-instilled fear of green onions and let me cook it into the food. My donburi looks so drab without anything to contrast the yellow and brown. :(

I’ve really been slacking off with the food diary thing. It’s such a pain… but still, I’m still exercising at least 3 times a week and as of today am down 4.1 pounds for the year! Bentos have faded away again, but hopefully I can get myself back into it now that the kids are miraculously getting to school early almost every day on their own!

Here’s another view of the bento close up:


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  • The Couch Potato

    My husband thought for years that no one actually liked seafood simply because his mom didn’t.

    Now Shrimp in particular is one of his favorite things. So there’s hope!

  • Dani

    What a delicious looking picture! Oyako Donburi is one of my favorite dishes, so I agree, the green onions would add extra color, not to mention flavor!