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Soba Bento

Yesterday we went out to celebrate my brother’s birthday and ended up eating at Camellia Buffet. Though I caved in and ate somen and some meat, I did pretty good and ate a lot of veggies. In a moment of weakness, I ate a small piece of cake that Buddy didn’t want. The result was that today I gained weight, but hopefully by the end of the week I even out.

Soba Bento

Some happy news is that I’ve been chosen as the Blog of the Week over at Social Moms. Thanks to them for picking me and welcome to any new readers that venture over here! I hope you enjoy my newly renewed obsession with WW points, haha!

Since I’ll be going out for dinner tonight again for an even more extra super duper specialer occasion, I’ve packed a very low-point, super food heavy bento for today including some buckwheat soba, a boiled egg, and pickled veggies. I won’t be eating the yolk, so this counts as an “egg white”. The box used for this bento is available on J-List.

Soba Bento Points Calculation

1 cup buckwheat soba – 3 points
1 egg white – 0 points
veggies – 0 points

Total: 3 points

Snacks for today: sweet potato, bananas, and karikari ume. I also brought some poke for added protein, which is about 3 additional points.

Weight this morning: 152.7 lb

Jenn was looking at some old pictures recently scanned by Aunty C and she was kind enough to upload one to Flickr for me. I’ve cropped out my old childhood friend as I don’t know if she’d be ok with her picture on my blog. My dorky kid brother is in there in all his glory though.

Halloween 1987

As you can see, I’m a cat with buck teeth. This was taken in 1987 and I’m wearing, for some weird reason, one of my mom’s TOTALLY 1980s leotards. Thank goodness the mask is hiding my hideous rice bowl haircut. This is photographic evidence that at one point in my life, my thighs did not touch.