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Kitty Cat Fettucine Bento

Last year, when I began walking to work, I started to notice this old Japanese lady taking a walk in the opposite direction. It was uncanny how she always seemed to be precisely on time. If I was on time, I’d cross her at a certain point. A bit late, she’d cross me earlier. Early, she’d cross me when I was almost to work. We would make eye contact some days, but never smile or say hi. She looked like a rather grumpy lady, but passing her by every day started to feel like a daily ritual.

Last week I finally realized what felt so different about the daily walk to work. She wasn’t there anymore. Maybe she decided to walk some other route or decided to stop entirely. I don’t know. All I know is, I hope she didn’t pass away or anything. 🙁

Kitty Cat Fettucine Bento

Today’s lunch is just lazy defrosted leftovers topped with some cutie cheese cats. I had two servings of Chicken Alfredo in the freezer and I figured I’d better start eating them before I find it during the summer and just toss it out.

Last night, before going to bed, I put one of the frozen balls of pasta into the fridge to defrost. This morning, it was almost fully defrosted, so I just unwraveled it a bit and put in some purple kale for color. To make the cheese kitties, I used an oval cutter for their faces, a bubble tea straw for their noses, and the tips of a star cutter for their ears. I used three different cutters for their nori faces. Here they are close-up:

Kitty Cats

Total: 12 points

Snacks: Smart Pop, bosc pear, red apple

Weight this morning: 151.6 lb

Now that Fat and Bloated Week is over, I do seem to be on the decline again. It’s pretty amazing how it’s almost like a light switch. Yesterday I weighed in at 153 even. My most accurate week-to-week progress will probably be next Monday, when late weigh-ins, special occasions, and hormonal imbalances won’t be in the way.

Thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway of The Just Bento Cookbook. I hope you all found my review informative! Be sure to check out another cookbook review I wrote last night for Simply Ming: One-Pot Meals. Asian Spaghetti will undoubtedly be making a bento appearance soon!

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  • Oh, those kitty cats are so lovely!

  • Glad you like them Ivonne!

  • Demi-Plum

    I’m glad you’re back to feeling better and losing again. It can get you feeling down and frustrated.
    I hope that old woman is alright. I hate it when something is missing from a routine. Even if you it wasn’t an active relationship is was one none the less.
    Your bento today looks very filling and I love the quick little kitties you put in. I want to get some more cutters so I can put together quick cute things the same way you do. Being a college student it’s not usually in my time frame to be able to make cute bento for lunches. Seeing all your cute ideas really inspire me to try to do more cute things.

  • Do you live in a dorm or apartment? Bento things can really take up a lot of space once you start going crazy! lol

  • Demi-Plum

    I’m still living with my parents because it’s cheaper to drive to campus. So I have a place to put everything. I have special containers that I organize all my bento materials in.

  • Maybe the old japanese lady finally got a ride? Next time you see her you should smile…a simple smile would make a difference, especially in the morning. =) You found more purple kale! Have you tried kale smoothie before? I’ve tried it and…i think i’d rather keep it as food to eat, not drink. I just picked up Simply Ming: Easy Techniques for East-Meets-West Meals while taking my little one to the library last week. I wonder if this One Pot Meal is better?!