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R.I.P. Beef Broccoli Bento

Yesterday I was pretty pleased with myself, having made a bento that would match the bento shirt that I will be selling on my Gamer Babies store. Then of course, I committed the ultimate sin.

I forgot my bento at home on the kitchen counter.


I was so mad at myself yesterday that I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it. However, now that the bento has been laid to rest, I can talk about it. It pains me, but it must be done.


It was a nice lunch of beef broccoli with bell pepper letters and a kamaboko heart spelling out “I love Bento”. It’s supposed to match this:

This is a chibi that I had an artist do to kinda resemble me, but not really. I’ve put up some product on my Gamer Babies store where people interested can buy a bento shirt. I hope you guys like it and buy a shirt or something! ^_^


This is my second layer of the dead bento with sliced cucumbers and kiwi. I’m totally kicking myself still for forgetting the kiwi. *sob*

I finally went to Borders and bought that Hawaii Bento book. It’s kinda creepy. The author is a lady who grew up in Hilo, then moved to Honolulu, then got married, then had two kids (a daughter and a son), then did a bento book. What is she? My Chinese clone? O_O Her kids even look like mine a little. Yeah, I’m so weirded out.

That aside though, she has some incredibly adorable bentos: Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook: Fun Lunches for Kids. Give it a try, you’ll be wowed! In one lunch, she makes ladybugs with kamaboko. I loved the ladybugs idea, so I made my own (looks different) so that I don’t have nightmares about being arrested for being a bento plagarist.


The food underneath is oven baked chicken and rice. The ladybugs are made out of the pink kamaboko skin. I cut them out with my snowman cookie cutter by using the head section twice.The dots are made out of nori. I use my face punch for those. I cut the heads out freehand, then used the nose/mouth part of the Hello Kitty onigiri/punch set I bought from J-List.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I wish I’d thought of ladybugs before!

Next to it I have choi sum, then corn in a little cup since I’ve learned in my nutrition class that I don’t eat enough starchy veggies per day. I added bell pepper flowers and a little piece of pineapple sausage.