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Another Tonkatsu Bento

After my little rant about Buddy’s bedtime parental torments, he seems to have upped the stakes and now specifically demands *I* put him to bed, while Daddy handles baths. Given the amount of GETBACKINYOURBEDS and CLOSEYOUREYES that I had to issue, I’m starting to wonder if the school would be willing to keep him awake during naptime. +_+

Another Tonkatsu Bento

Today I have some tonkatsu leftovers from late last week or so, I can’t remember. I put in some Genjimai rice, 4 pieces tonkatsu, cauliflower, purple kale, baby carrot stick, and sliced red bell peppers. I call this “Another” tonkatsu bento because I do seem to make it quite a lot. If you’d like to read my recipe for it, you can find it on Learn 2 Cook. Points calculation is under the cut.

Total: 11 points

Snacks: sweet potato, apple, carrots and hummus

Weight: 151.3 lb

So, I lost .3 pounds. I rewarded myself by eating toast with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. The typical serving on WW appears to be 2, but I find that 1 is a pretty decent amount for one slice of toast.

I’ve found myself fascinated by the new A&E show Heavy. I don’t know why, possibly because it makes me thankful that I don’t have as big a hill to climb as those people.