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There’s a Bunny in My Stir Fry!

As I was eating dinner last night, I totally forgot that it was Chinese New Year and that’d I had forgotten to put some rabbits into my lunch yesterday. Oops!!

No matter, one hopped into today’s lunch. Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

Bunny Shrimp Stir Fry

I packed this pretty fast with leftover Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry from dinner last night. You can read my recipe for it on Learn 2 Cook. It turned out waaaay better than the Beef and Bell Pepper Stir Fry from last week.

I got the idea for the bunny’s shape from Hello Kitty’s little rabbit friend on one of the bento boxes I used for my Chicken Lettuce Wraps Bento. I did not use an onigiri mold for this, I simply used Saran wrap. This is a really great example of how awesome making onigiri with plastic wrap is. I should probably make a video about it. Here’s a closer picture:

Bunny Onigiri

The purple kale went in first and that was definitely a mistake because it took up so much real estate in the bento box and I couldn’t fit all the stir fry I wanted to put in. I put some veggies into the middle and then laid the bunny onigiri on top. I punched some nori and added the features with a toothpick, then put a little ribbon pick into it.

I used the round ^ for the mouth and it was too short, so I added one more and that’s how I got the nice long U shapes under the nose.

Bunny Stir Fry Bento Points Calculation

1/2 cup white rice – 3 points
1 serving Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry – 5 points

Total: 8 points

Snacks: banana

Weight: 149.0 lb

I only had a banana today because after lunch, Mr. Pikko said the Oahu SPCA finally answered the phone, so I biked home early so we could drive out to Kapolei to look at dogs.

This new addition to our family is a secret we’re revealing to Grandma and Grandpa J tomorrow, so anyone that knows them better keep quiet about it!!!


The shelter called him Peanut, but we’re going to rename him once his personality graces us with some inspiration. Isn’t he just awwww?

Sadly, the chickens hated him…

Chickens vs Peanut

Their formal introduction will have to wait. Quite a while it seems! 🙁

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  • Varenikje

    Remember, dogs do sometimes eat chickens, so look out!

  • He’s a wonderful dog!
    Last Tuesday we bring to my mother-in-law her birthday’s present.
    A little she-dog who runs and runs in the garden more like a rabbit than like a dog.
    I love her! Her name is Polly!

  • Hi, I’ve been lurking for awhile, but this is my first comment. This is probably Bento 101 stupid question, but when you put the kale under the food, or when I see you put lettuce under sandwiches, a) do you have to dry them really really well and b) do you eat them, especially the kale?

    We’ve been skipping lettuce on my daughter’s sandwhich for fear of sogging up the bread.


  • Aunty C

    He’s a cutie! You didn’t mention what kind of breed he is though……how big is he supposed to get? I think the expected size of Katsu and Hoku is good (maybe 12 pounds?). Nalu’s smaller than those other two though. You should compare notes with your cousins!

  • RCFoodie

    Oh… my…. gosh!!!! HE IS SO CUTE!!!! Love love love puppies… Just name him Bento! He does look like he’s going to get big! Love the ears. and tail. and face…

  • Trust me, we know!! We’re keepign an eye on him!

  • Awww! What kind of dog?

  • If putting lettuce lining, you do need to dry it really well. A paper towel works well. Putting the lettuce in at lunchtime helps avoid wilting.

    I do eat the purple kale because I think it tastes better than regular kale, but I usually eat it with tasty food or salad dressing.

  • We don’t really know, but his mom looked like a pit bull mix. She was a medium sized dog, so hopefully he ends up around that size!

  • I wish, I wish! But Mr. Pikko wouldn’t like that name for a dog.

  • Dardrian

    Oh my gosh, your nre puppy looks just like ours did when she was little! So cute.