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Leftover Chinese Bento (323)

My in-laws ordered out for Chinese food yesterday from Golden Dragon Seafood Restaurant and though the food was good, I think I still prefer the Aiea Chop Suey stuff. Their gau gee at this place was really good though.

I’ve had some pretty disgusting looking Chinese leftovers bentos, so this one definitely looks like an upgrade from those. The fried rice went in first, then I pushed it over to the side with chopsticks. The red meat came in big chunks, so I sliced that up before laying it in the box on top of the fried rice. The pork with ong choi looked really nasty, so I put it in a food cup and covered it with a bear topper. I could still see the food peeking out around though, so I added parsley to the edges to give the bear a lil green nest.

After that, I added the noodles, then the sushi grass, then the sliced kiwi. To add more color, I sliced a baby carrot and cut out flower shapes with food cutters, topping the fried rice with them. Overall this was a nice and painless bento, taking me less than 10 minutes to pack.

This weekend I’m taking a trip to Hilo to visit Grandma Mu!

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  • Jenn

    Rumor has it that Y’s Lunch Shop is currently open though not on Friday, Sat or Sunday. Not sure when you are leaving but it you could get something on Monday? At the very least, enjoy something yummy @ Cafe 100 on my behalf!

  • Samantha

    Aww! The little bear topper looks like it’s peeking out from some bushes! So cute. I wonder what kiwi tastes like.. I’ve never actually had it. We have it in the grocery store, but I’ve never tried any except for what’s in sugary fruit drinks, which is usually mixed with other artificial fruit flavors. I did get a kiwi from the store once to try it, but I ended up forgetting about it and it got all mushy. :p

    I wish we had decent chinese food around here. The only place that delivers here isn’t that great, and the Hong Kong buffet restaurant is pretty lame, too. But the women who work there are really nice, and whenever someone has a little kid there, the kid usually gets treated extra special. XD

  • Kiwis are actually always pretty mushy feeling, if they’re not mushy they’re not ripe. It’s a very soft fruit, not as soft as say an avocado, but only slightly more firm. They’re also really, really yummy and well worth trying.

    Awesome bento as always, now I really want chinese takeout ; ;

  • I’ll definitely have to go to Cafe 100 Jenn!

    Samantha, you’re totally missing out, try one! Fruit drinks are nothing like it, really.

    Mitsu-bachi: I love them slightly firm but then I love tart things.

  • OMG! That is sooo cute! I can’t do that to save my life haha.

  • Jennifer

    Rainy Rainy Hilo. It’s been raining continuously since yesterday. *sigh* But as I’m writing this, it looks like it’s let up slightly.
    Have a nice trip!

  • Angela

    Hi! your bento boxes look amazing! I was wondering, where can I buy a bear topper?

  • Hi Angela, you can read my review of them here: It provides a link to where you can buy them!