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Sesame Omelet with Shrimp Bento (203)

I had this recipe in some little Japanese food cookbook at home and had been eyeing it for a while. The recipe itself made little sense to me though, asking for 2 large eggs, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. Do you have any idea how much salt and pepper that is?!?! Either the “large” eggs I buy at Foodland are like Japanese people to mainland people or this lady really loves pepper in her Japanese food. The recipe is called Sesame Omelet with Shrimp and I modified it a bit by cutting down the mayo. (it asked for 3 tablespoons)

Sesame Omelet Shrimp Bento

I messed this up in many ways, as usual. First of all, I actually listened to what she said and added 1/4 tsp pepper. Maybe fresh ground pepper is less, but I added the already ground one and holy bob damn my mouth lit on fire when I tasted a piece. Then I used a pan that was too small, so my omelet was thicker and smaller than it was supposed to be. I also didn’t have watercress, so I used broccoli, which turned out to be very difficult to roll.

I rolled it up, put it in the fridge to set, then sliced it into nice sushi-like rolls. I’ll have to modify it and try again, maybe tomorrow since I still have lots of shrimp. I know it’s weird to have a shrimp roll and then shrimp on the side, but I really wanted to eat some with cocktail sauce, which is in the little yellow container. It didn’t look colorful enough to me, so I tucked in a couple slivers of carrot in the middle. The edamame was pre-cooked and frozen, so I just defrosted it in water and placed them in nicely.

Update: Find out what went wrong with the pepper here!

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  • jef

    1/4tsp is a very minor amount, imo. That’s hardly one grind from my pepper mill, I’d probably give it 3 or 4 grinds, too!

  • fossettes

    I find this bento loooooovely! I may try to roll in a thin omelette but I may not have enough self confidence to do it.

  • Fuji Mama

    I had the same problem when making my omelets, and then I read this post:

    It has fixed all my problems! Despite your difficulties in making it, YUM!

  • Midnite Scrapper

    This is a great low-carb option. Looks great!

  • Pikko

    See I think the fresh ground turns out to be a lot less than the finely ground.

    Thanks for that great link Fuji mama!! I really have to get back into reading other blogs, I haven’t had time lately!! ; ;

  • Anonymous

    It was probably too much pepper for you for a few reasons – the main one is taking out the mayonaise. In my experience, you kind of have to play around with seasonings when you are reducing the amount of fat in a recipe, since fats have a tendancy to be able to take more heavy flavors. I always have to reduce pepper (as well as a few others) when I either omit fats or use lower fat options.

    Could also just be that you had fresher or stronger pepper, since it tends to lose bite as it ages. Or, just a matter of taste. Some people (like my dad used to) put pepper on anything, so over time it takes more and more for them to taste it.

  • Pikko

    The pepper was actually in the egg omelet, separate from the mayo. The omelet eaten by itself was terribly over-peppered. I double checked my 1/4 teaspoon and it looked rather large, almost as if it should have been a 1/4 tablespoon, not teaspoon. I’ll have to measure and check!