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Grilled Pizza Bento (230)

On Saturday I felt like pizza, so I sent Mr. Pikko to go pick up one after he took the kids to Costco. Pizza Hut has a new kind of “grilled pizza” which I guess just has grilled toppings. It was a special reduced price while they promote is so I couldn’t use our Entertainment coupon on it. The guy was like, our large is $16.99 and I was thinking, “Ho ho! Score!” Then I mentioned the coupon and he’s like, “Oh I’m gonna have to charge you the regular price of $24.99.” I was like W T F! So, grab that price while it’s hot, people, cause the pizza was pretty good! I ended up ordering half Meat Lovers and half Combo, which is Meat Lovers with red and green bell peppers. The meats included are grilled steak, grilled chicken, and grilled ham. Mmm!


In order to bentofy my pizza, I used cookie cutters and cut the two slices into stars. I have 3 different sizes here and you can’t see, but there are two small ones tucked into the side. Next to them I have Hello Kitty food picks with sweaty olives and then baby carrots. I put all blueberries into the bottom tier in the hopes of distracting myself from the fact that I have such a naughty lunch, but I could hear the blueberries snickering at me, “Heeheehee, we know what’s upstairs!”

Buddy cried a little today, but it was my fault. He really really wanted to play on the jungle gym like, NOW. I coaxed him into the classroom by telling him we had to put his backpack away. When he realized I was actually leaving, he got pissed. We saw him as we were leaving though and he’d stopped crying already. Such a good boy! Grandma J was extremely shocked and informed us all that when Mr. Pikko went to preschool he screamed for three months and would be waiting at the gate for her to pick him up. lol