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Egg Salad Sammies Bento

Now that I’m a good full week into biking, I’m starting to feel a certain spark of confidence build up around getting myself to work on something faster than my two feet. I don’t feel quite as stupid with the Wall-E backpack and it’s nice feeling like I’m probably losing inches around my lifetime buddies, the Thunder Thigh Twins. I should probably have measured my thighs at the start, but I’m not sure where I put my little sewing kit measuring tape.

Egg Salad Sammies

As many of you know, I own a disgusting amount of bento boxes. I also own a ridiculous amount of bento accessories that I acquired back when bento accessories were actually cheap. Now when I go to Marukai it’s much easier to resist the urge to buy because things are like 2-3x pricier than they were, say, a year ago.

That being said, I decided to use some of my many sandwich cutters. I used a lion, a bear, and a teddy bear. I had cut out the faces to place on top, but then when I tried to microwave them, went a little too far and they melted all over the place. I ended up just pressing them like normal and filled them with egg salad.

Egg Salad Sammies Bento

In front, I put two of these pink tomatoes that have been growing wild in the back yard. I say they’re pink because when ripe, they have this off red look. It’s difficult to see in the photo because of the red box and lighting, but hopefully when more ripen I can take a picture outside to show you guys. They taste pretty good!

In the second tier I put some bell pepper slices, celery sticks, and a baby tub of hummus.

Egg Salad Sammies Bento Points Calculation

Total: 10 points

Snacks: 4 cigar mangoes

Weight: 147.7 lbs

More loss today! I combined today’s lunch with breakfast by eating the leftover bread outsides for breakfast with some peanut butter and the egg salad that I couldn’t fit into the sammies. From looking at my daily food intake, I’m always coming up short on my daily calcium. I’m going to have to make it a point to either put more cheese into my bentos or always make room for milk in the morning. I wish fat free milk didn’t cost points. 🙁

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  • Rexy

    Would a calcium supplement (like those Viactiv chews) cost a lot of points?

  • I do also own a serious amount of boxes which makes some jalous…. but I think that gives me courage to go on bentoing even when I feel lazy

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  • Cute sandwiches!

  • RCFoodie

    Hi Crystal! Good job with the continued loss- and thanks for the points idea with egg salad! I’ll have to boil some tonite- till then, was going to tell you (or remind you since you probably already know this) that instead of milk for calcium, what about spinach and leafy greens- I think they are higher in calcium than milk products. 🙂