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Spaghetti Bento and Bento4Japan

As you can all see, I’ve got a cute new badge on my sidebar (thanks to @ChantaleP!) for Bento4Japan, a collaborative bento blogger fundraiser going on right now to help the relief effort in Japan. Several of my auctions are now up, which include signed copies of Yum-Yum Bento and some new and used bento boxes from my ridiculously extensive bento box collection. I’ve still got more to put up too! Go here to view all of the Bento4Japan auctions.

Spaghetti Bento

I had a really quick bento today, filled with leftover spaghetti and topped with three measly black soybeans that I picked from my plants outside. I asked my dad, who gave me the seeds, what I should do with them and he said to just eat them like regular soybeans. When I boiled them briefly in my Pyrex, you could kind of see the black outline of them, but when I ate them, the beans were green with a slightly black skin, so maybe they weren’t quite ready yet. They tasted good though!

The container I’m using is the Oval Office tiffin from Happy Tiffin. You can read my review of the box here. Happy Tiffin has since lowered the price to $27 instead of $35.

In the side container, I have some garlic asparagus and three yard tomatoes. I gave a bunch of the ripe ones to Grandma J tonight so that she could put them in her salads and she seemed pretty happy to take them, so now I have about a dozen less than I did yesterday. I guess that leaves me with only like 150 now? lol

Back in the old days of my blog, I used to take EXTREME CLOSE-UP images of my food and I remembered it this morning for some reason, so I took one of my old school photos just for silliness.

Spaghetti Bento

It was a lot of spaghetti… but half of the noodles were whole wheat, so it’s not all that bad really. It was very fast to put together and I took a paper plate with me to work to heat it up. The tomatoes had ripened well on my counter and were nice and juicy. Fast and easy is what happens when I suddenly wake up and realize it’s almost 8 AM and I have to get to work! My bike tires are flat and so I have to take it in tomorrow. 🙁

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