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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Last week was one crazy ass week, with Baby Girl’s birthday party consuming my mind, time, and energy. Not only did I have a huge party to plan, but I had to make cake pops for her actual birthday to take to school. Then, there was this issue with parents not understanding the importance of RSVPing. On Friday morning, I had only 5 confirmed children coming. In desperation, since I had verbal child confirmations that really cannot be taken seriously from first graders, I emailed Baby Girl’s teacher for help.

By Saturday morning (the morning of the party), I had 15 confirmed children. Two of them for some reason didn’t come, even though they said they would. In the end, with an extra sibling who saw our big inflatable water slide and asked to stay, we had 14 total kids. A madhouse! But, a fun one! 🙂

Castle Cake

That took about 14 hours to make. You can read about my agonizing ordeal here. I used a Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set to make it. All stress aside, my little sweetie pie was very happy and that’s what matters.


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  • Holy mole, that is one fantastic cake! Kudos to you on your efforts.. I’m sure she’ll remember this forever! (I still remember this amazing dinosaur cake my mom made me as a kid!)

  • Whew! Looks great! Hope you have a breather before Buddy’s birthday 🙂

  • Woh!!! Crazy cake. That’s awesome. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  • That cake looks EPIC

  • That cake is AMAZING! Happy birthday to your little girl!

  • Holy Cow, what a work of art! Question is, would you do it again in a heart beat? LOL.

  • Kathleen

    What a fantastic cake! I am so jealous. My daughter’s birthday is in september can you make one. Haha just kidding.
    I wish i could make such a terrific cake. Happy birthday with your daughter.

  • That’s so beautiful – although I would have questioned your sanity if you didn’t use a cake pan.

  • *LOVE* just exquisite!

  • Incredible edible!!!!!congrats!!

  • wow what a cake

  • Its really a nice cake for u.. Happy birthday baby!!!