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Beef Sukiyaki and Salted Chicken Bentos

Last night, while I was giving the monsters a bath, Buddy started complaining that his hip hurt. He made little mopey faces and I felt bad for him. Then I realized that he was hurting because of his freestyle capoeira moves last night during a “show” that the kids put on. I have no freaking clue where he learned it. Of course, being 3, he wasn’t really doing anything, but he was flipping around, spinning in circles, crashing to the ground, trying to do hand flips, etc. It was rather insane and I laughed myself right into a stomach ache.

The poor lil’ guy was still complaining about his hips this morning.

Linda Vongkamchanh over at Never Say Diet wrote up a small gallery of bentos and included two of mine, including my lasagna bento on the front. Be sure to check it out!

Today I have two bentos again. This one is mine and it’s in a new box I found on sale at Shirokiya. I wasn’t there to buy a box, but I have been looking for an oval shaped bento box for freaking forever!! I swear, all the bento manufacturers must have either stopped making oval shapes or they just don’t send them to the US because this is my first ever oval shaped box and I’ve wanted one for so long.

Of course, now I’ll probably go digging around my collection tomorrow and find some oval one I bought at Marukai and forgot to use…

I’ve finally come around and started freezing my rice, so I cooked rice this morning, added it to the bento boxes, then froze the rest. I amaze myself this week. And even more amazing, the sink and stove are still clean. !!! Ms. Feisty Foodie will no doubt gasp in amazement over that one. We had a little kitchen confessional session on Facebook a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, two more pieces of my crab tamagoyaki make an appearance, along with beef sukiyaki made by Grandma J. The broccoli was the stuff I cooked the other night and the tomato just got plopped on to add a splash of color. This took me all of five minutes to put together if you don’t count the rice cooking time.

This bento box is the one I reviewed for Life Without Plastic. It’s a hefty size and so works well for bento for men.

I’m sure you all are wondering why there’s been a sudden influx of Mr. Pikko bentos. Having a half-clean kitchen has made me feel like cooking more and the shame of Baby Girl’s rebuffs has made me decide to console myself by forcing bento on someone else. Since he usually eats from a glorious menu of either a) starvation, b) gigantic overeating plate lunches, or c) ham sandwiches every day, I figure at least this will be appreciated. The problem with him though, is that he hates leftovers. This is why Easy Japanese Cooking: Bento Loveseems to have come along at a great time.

The chicken in this bento is from Mr. Kobayashi’s Salt Grilled Chicken recipe. It took me about 10 minutes to cook and then I just sliced it and added it on top of the rice with nori. His bento called for green beans and pickled ginger, but I put a tomato and broccoli into it instead. I used less salt than he said to use because putting 1 tablespoon of salt onto one chicken thigh just seems like you want to serve someone high blood pressure. I used maybe 3/4 of it before I decided he was overestimating.

I’ve got a buttload of things to review, so look for all of that in the coming weeks. I also have a new giveaway coming up soon. Yay!