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Ham & Cheese Rolls Bento

Baby Girl is going through this weird phase where she refuses to each starchy things like rice or bread or tortillas. This from the girl that used to try to trick me into feeding her only bread for dinner and, on a couple occasions, succeeded. She’s been making these really icky looking ham and mayo rolls, which is just a slice of ham rolled up with mayo. I made her a couple for part of her lunch today and so I decided to make some ham and cheese tortilla rolls.

Ham Rolls

I cut them up and arranged them in a circle around a yellow grape tomato to make a flower, then added some strawberries and cherries. The box is lined with some old lettuce I picked from the yard that was turning yellow, giving it a variegated look.

Sadly, these didn’t taste so good. They were too cheesy and I should have just spread cream cheese and added some kind of leafy veggie.

I’ve noticed for the last two weeks or so, I’ve been waking up before 6:30 with no alarm clock. Before if I didn’t use the alarm, I’d wake up after 7. It’s like my body had to take a quick summer break and now it’s slowly getting back into the groove of things all on its own. Whew! Or maybe my brain is just in high gear due to too many things to do.