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Another Soboro Bento for Buddy

Last week, when I made pork soboro for dinner, Buddy loved it so much that he asked for the leftovers for lunch. Since I’d made it for him for lunch before only to have him bring the whole thing home, I was understandably reluctant to make it for him again. After insisting that this time he would eat it all, I agreed to make it for him.

Soboro Bento for Buddy

Since I didn’t have peas or broccoli and he doesn’t really like green beans (even if we grow them), I just chopped up a stick of imitation crab for the third color. Sadly, I still don’t know the fate of this bento as he failed to bring the box home for three days and so now I have all these nightmarish thoughts of a mold farm growing in his cubby in his classroom. I think it’s time to send a note to the teacher asking her to place it in his bag. 🙁

The eggs are from our backyard chickens! 😀