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Cute Animal Doll Bento Boxes

Animal Doll Bento Boxes

Bento&Co has always amazed me with their beautiful photography. Their pure white background has actually made me think about painting one of the unused downstairs rooms totally white so that I can use it as a mini photo studio. Of course, Mr. Pikko will probably give me a dark frown and demand I paint the rest of the living room and our bedroom first. It’s been a year since I left it half painted. Oops! 🙁

These boxes are from their Animal Doll line of bento boxes and are on sale right now for $20.40. They’re two tier, come with covers for each layer, a small ice pack (though I never use these), and an elastic band. Best of all, they’re made by Hakoya, so you know they’ll be quality boxes that last a long time.

Animal Doll Bento Box

Such a demure piggy, haha! I have to resist the urge to buy one since I have like 5 unopened bento boxes at home that I haven’t utilized yet.

I’m probably going to start dedicating my Fridays to a shopping link, so be sure to come here when you need to satisfy your bento shopping urges at the end of each week!