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Style Lunch Nature Bento Boxes

If you’re looking for a nice Christmas present for yourself, Bento&Co has a really beautiful line of boxes now called Style Lunch Nature. The box is a circular three-tier box with a lid to cover each tier, which is a really good feature in a bento box because then when you’re unstacking the box, you don’t have to worry about food or moisture stuck to the bottom of it and messing up your table.

Style Lunch Nature Boxes

The boxes are available in four colors, pink, red, light purple, and green, each with a unique design. Although they’re on the pricier side at $27, they are on the bigger side with three tiers. Each tier is 4″ in diameter, which means you can pack quite a bit of food in it. It even looks like you could pack a snack in the top dome.

Style Lunch Nature Boxes

If you’d like to see all the individual boxes, you can view the gallery of images below:

[nggallery id=”1″]

I’ve been thinking about getting one for myself, but my conscious is telling me I better not since I already have so many bento boxes I’m not even using on a daily basis. 🙁 Out of the four, I think I like the green one the best. Which is your favorite?

Buy this box at Bento&Co.

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  • Love the look of these Bentos. I wonder if they are dishwasher and/or microwave safe?

  • Pikko

    They are both microwave and dishwasher safe, but only the bottoms. The lids are usually never safe for either.

  • Oh, I LOVE these! I especially love the fact that they thread together — no pesky bento bands. And I really need some dishwasher safe ones to get a break from nightly bento box washing. I am going to make myself a deal that if I do 4 bentos a week in January and February, I can buy them in March!

  • Those boxes are adorable!

  • Kay

    Cute!! I think something like this would help to make sure I have more variety in my lunches too.

  • The green one really caught my eye first…then as I was looking them over…I was thinking…I absolutely love these bento boxes, but the only problem is deciding what color to get.

  • These are so adorable but I wonder if you can recommend me somewhere I can get a bigger Bento box online.