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Okinawan Sweet Pork Bento, Take 2!

I hope you all had a happy new year! My year started out pretty crappy, with the fire alarm going off, Buddy peeing the bed, Baby Girl having a fever, then later in the day I dropped an open can of tomato sauce from the fridge and it splattered tomato sauce everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. I could NOT believe all the places I was wiping! Now, on to my first 2012 bento!

A couple months back, I posted an Okinawan Sweet Pork bentoย and said I would be trying it again, only this time by cutting the meat into bite sized chunks. I finally got around to doing it this week and not only did the meat get fully flavored, but it was delectably soft and easy to eat, too. Here’s a new bento from this week that I did with the leftovers.

Okinawan Pork Bento

This magewappa is one of the best quality boxes I have. I’ve used it quite a few times and it still has that wonderful wood smell when you open the box. Sadly, this box isn’t available on J-List right now, which is where I got mine, but Bento & Co does have several in stock. Magewappa boxes should be looked at as an investment you can pass down to your children, which is one reason why they cost so much, they are made to last, handcrafted from cedars trees that have been grown and tended for a hundred years.

Inside this bento I have healthy rice (recipe here), leftover pork,broccoli, pickles, and one of Mr. Pikko’s grape tomatoes. This recipe below is from myย Maui Cookbook.

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  • I’m missing the link to the ‘healthy rice’. Could you add it yet?

  • Pikko

    Thanks for catching that! I added it!

  • Hello, I am Kelyrin, I am from France (half french half asian!) and I’m a huuuge fan of your bentos !!! I finally managed to buy your book on the internet, and I am so glad to have it because it is really, really good. The bento you made on this article is gorgeous, it is simple yet colorful, and looks full of good and healthy things !!! You are such an example for me ๐Ÿ™‚ !! My bento are far from being as good as yours, but I try to improve each time. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

  • Thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ There aren’t many places that offer Bento in Wales, though there is a good restaurant in Aberystwyth. Will definitely try this at home – thank you!

  • Wow 11 1/2 hours?! That is crazy slow cooking time. Must be pretty amazing when it’s done though.

  • Shannon

    I’m sorry, does this recipe really call for 10 lbs of pork butt? Or did you mean 1 pound? Cause otherwise, that’s a lot of pork!!

  • Pikko

    It actually does, but I’m never able to find a 10 pound pork roast, so I usually end up making a 5 pounder and just halve the sauce ingredients. It’s usually more than enough!

  • AniGril