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Meat Jun & Chicken Bento

Back in February, I did Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and lost 10 pounds solely through exercise. Unfortunately, due to laziness and really really bad eating habits, I ate myself back into 6 of those pounds in just two months. So even though I’ve said it before and not had much success, I’m going to try my best to get back into bentos and Weight Watchers.

I didn’t start off today very points conscious, but we ate Korean food last night and using leftovers is a bigger draw to me right now than wasting food to cook a whole new lunch.


I used one of my slim boxes and started with the rice, then cut half of a bbq chicken thigh into bite size pieces. I put three small pieces of meat jun next to it.

Meat Jun

The bento looked pretty brown, so I added a leaf of lettuce I picked from Mr. Pikko’s growbed. In the other tier I have chap chae and dried daikon pickles. Under the pickles is a little sauce container which contains my meat jun sauce.


To add some red, I added a strawberry, also from Mr. Pikko’s growbed. It’s awesome how great for bentos his strawberries are because when I buy strawberries, they’re of course really huge and hard to pack without cutting them. There have been times when I specifically look through the packs of strawberries for small ones, but I rarely find cute little ones like these.

Tomorrow: spaghetti!