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Fall Teriyaki Ahi Bento

Last month, I made a bento using leftover orange rice from my Jack-o-Lantern Snack Musubis and forgot to post it because I never ate it. I ended up going home sick and forgot it at work, so I asked my co-worker if she’d be interested in eating it. She was and she did and she insisted that I should start selling bentos at work, hahaha! Like that wouldn’t totally stress out my mornings even more. 😉

Teriyaki Ahi Bento

Like I said, I used leftover orange rice, then put in some pieces of leftover teriyaki ahi from the other night. I used Mr. Pikko’s latest crop of lettuce as separators for the pickles and put in some sliced avocado from our yard. It’s currently raining avocados here and our avocados are so freaking big that you can eat a quarter of one and it’s about the same as a whole one at the market. The latest one I picked up off the ground was about the size of Buddy’s head.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We hosted at our house again and served something like 18 dishes, it was crazy! Very yummy though. I’ll be posting pictures on my personal blog soon, along with some giveaways, so be sure to like my page on Facebook. Keep your eyes here for other giveaways as well, just in time for Christmas!