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Whole Wheat Spaghetti Bento

Gah, I’m already falling behind on posting! This was my Tuesday bento. We had spaghetti for dinner on Monday night and although my family has eyeball allergies when it comes to whole wheat pasta, there’s nothing stopping me from boiling some up for myself the next day, so that’s what I did.


I can’t honestly sit here and type that whole wheat pasta tastes amazing because it’s just… not, really. Hahaha! It seems to take forever to cook and you can of course taste the graininess in the noodle when eating. Even so, it’s not like it’s bad. As far as bentos go, this one is obviously very blah, but it filled me up and the broccoli was a nice veggie side. I’d normally cut up cheese in tiny shapes, but thought maybe I’d better just leave the cheese off since I’m trying to cut here.


Baby Girl is doing 30 Day Shred with me (in her own little girl way) because she’s a darling and wants to get fit along with Mommy. She’s done it both days that I have and is paying the same price as I am when it comes to sitting up in bed in the morning or walking down stairs, but I really admire her making the effort.

She’s not overweight, but I do want her to get used to doing exercise on a regular basis. The importance of this was never ingrained in my mind when I was young, mostly because we had a farm and manual labor was our exercise. Since my own family doesn’t have the kind of hard labor we did available, Jillian Michaels will have to substitute. 🙂

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  • Scout

    I am with you in the whole wheat pasta thing. We’ve switched over to white-wheat flour, whole grain breads, and more brown rice than white – but I can’t do 100% whole wheat pasta. The texture is so funky! BUT I have found elbow macaroni and penne that cooks in the same time as regular, so I mix the two. It gives me half whole wheat goodness without ANY weird whole wheat flavor or texture. I plan on slowly amping up the whole wheat to maybe 80%, but right now it is far simpler to just buy a pound of each and mix them in a storage container. Just a thought.

  • Varenikje

    Great that you are trying the whole grain pasta. I agree that whole wheat pasta isn’t the same as regular, but I use gluten free pasta so that isn’t quite “normal” either.