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Halloween Cuties With Painted Cheese Part 2

In the past, I’ve referred to my daughter as Baby Girl, but since she’s now eleven years old (whaaaat?) she’s kind of outgrown the name. A while back we came up with an online name for her, which is Mikia. Going forward, references to Mikia mean my little baby girl, growing up too fast.

Yesterday when I picked her up from school, I thought we’d end up painting cheese in the afternoon, but it turned out she was too tired from staying up late the night before and she zonked out on the couch until dinnertime. After we ate, she was totally ready, so after I put the baby to sleep, we got started. Be sure to read Part 1 for instructions.

We learned a couple of things, the first being that cutting the cheese with toothpicks works way better with cold cheese, so if you start tearing your edges like crazy, it’s time to put it back in the fridge for a bit. We were cutting each slice into fourths and just storing it in the fridge until we were ready to cut. The results of our cheesy little creative session:


She did great, doing the skeleton, orange-haired witch, short ghost, and bottom right pumpkin. She also did the rainbow, which doesn’t really fit the Halloween theme, but she worked so hard and wasted so much food coloring trying to get that purple color that it seemed a shame to not include it. 🙂


Two new guys. I was really happy with the little devil and I think I’m going to make a bunch of him to stick onto a platter of deviled eggs for Halloween. That kind of silly joke is just the kind of thing to get Mr. Pikko groaning.


Mikia’s skeleton. I told her he needed a line going across, but she was happy with how he looks as-is. You can see Miss Candy Corn from yesterday.


The witch ended up being my favorite. Her eyelashes were made with the panda Carla Craft punch. I used the little mouth and cut the ends off. This probably wouldn’t have been possible without micro-tip scissors, so again, definitely get a pair of those!


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our little Halloween cuties. We’re out of bread, so we’re thinking we’ll just eat them with some Ritz crackers. Should be fun!

Yesterday I found a kind of amazing deal on a lighting kit. I already own one of these lighting stands, but the light is yellow, which continues to drive me nuts because yellow light makes everything, well, yellow.

Hopefully this one works out and my photos will be much better lit going forward.