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Tutorial: Making Halloween Kitty Cats

Last week I posted some Halloween Kitty Cats on grilled cheese sandwiches, and so now I’ve got a few tutorial images to share.

I used an American Swiss cheese slice for the base, but obviously you can just use yellow, especially since you’ll be using yellow for the eyes. I started by cutting out some cat heads from nori.


I made them uniform by folding the nori in half. That way I didn’t have to worry about having two differently shaped kitties. I cut it freehand, but if you want a specific cat shape, just print something out, cut it out (you don’t have to cut the shape out of the paper, just around it), and lay it over the nori while you cut the kitty out.

I also cut tiny little iris shapes for the center of the eyes.


Next, put the cats on the cheese slice and pat it down so it’s nice and flat. Take a toothpick and cut around the kitty shape.


I know, the green in all these photos is different. Ugh. I was moving my cutting mat all over trying to find the best lighting.

After you have your kitty heads, cut four equal pieces of yellow cheese. You’re going to squish them with your fingers and roll them into pointy “balls” that will become the eyes. Press them gently flat so that you end up with the eyes with pointy ends. Don’t let your cheese get too warm!


After that, you simply place the eyes on, then add the irises. Roll tiny little balls for noses and add them on with a toothpick (Tip: use the end you used to cut the cheese so the moisture picks up the little pieces!) and you’re done!


I’m still trying to decide what to try next. Maybe it’s time for some zombies or mummies!