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Bat Mac and Cheese Bento

Wow, is it seriously Thursday already? On Monday night, my eczema itching was really bad, so I took some of my prescription anti-itching meds, and I took two (the bottle says I can take 1-2) because it was driving me crazy.

Turns out, two is like cranking up the drowsy factor to fifty, and I was walking around all day like I’d gotten ten minutes of sleep. I felt a tad better after seven hours or so, but I still needed like four naps to get through the day. I had to send both Mr. D and Mikia off with instructions to eat school lunch because I just couldn’t get my brain going.

So yeah, not doing that again.

This is the lunch I packed for Mr. D yesterday, using some leftover mac and cheese that Mikia had put away in the fridge. I chopped ham and added milk before microwaving it to make it creamy again, then packed it in the thermal box with sweet potato bats, apples, a strawberry, and a muffin (they’re almost gone).

FAIL. I got back the entire lunch, sans muffin. Not happy about that. He said he didn’t like the mac and cheese, and the apples weren’t cold. (Seriously, dude?) Some good news, though, he ate all three of the jack-o’-lantern sandwiches from Monday. So, it looks like sandwiches are the way to go with him.

Mikia is much more receptive to my packing lunch, and as a result, I poured my energy into hers today. More on that tomorrow!